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All right, so, uh, we'll listen the experiment is that dice is roared 4 times. Ideal now, start with the an initial question. The opportunity of the most likely that larger was display three or an ext sports. Now, before we start, we recognize that dinner. Six possibilities once you threw a solitary day. Correct. Currently so recognize the probability for every the rules that display three or an ext sports. Therefore we're an alleged to discover this, however we're here. Therefore now, when they say space three or an ext So in regards to a dye, the with the outcome will certainly be either three or 4 or five or a 6 maximum. So now, if ns calculate the probability off, say, one die, um, someone's that shores 3 or much more spores. Then In the case, uh, due to the fact that we recognize that complete is 6 so we can see the our four options to provide motive in this case of the come 4 by six on if I alleviate a fraction, this will change to purchase tree. But we are doing this four times. So the is why therefore, I can see the probability that all the rules, the 4 rules, uh, that sure three or more sports. Due to the fact that we're doing it four times, we take this probability off one time, i beg your pardon is to buy three and raised to the strength of four. Because we're doing the one after ~ the other 4 times. Therefore the answer the I'm gaining hurt is 16 by 81. All right, now. Ah, moving additional If I begin with the component Me what they critical year 보다 probability turn off not having actually three or an ext sports is what they have asked your. Therefore we have the right to see the this can be calculated by taking as one minus probability off. See this? The worth that we grew here, This one view this one v just four by six, which is in reality probability the one day reflecting three or much more sports. For this reason I have the right to use this over right here on this will be Remember, Eddie off one man shows space three or much more sports. Okay, therefore this is going to be same to one minus four upon six. So which is walking to provide me two by six? and that does nothing yet one by three. For this reason this is however for again, one roll in a comparable way. If I view that probability or because that none of the rules present three or more sports, right? therefore in this case, then ns can straight say that there are four rolls on. Us can straight take one by three days come four because it's 4 times are one after ~ the other. For this reason if i simplify, the answer the I'm acquiring here is one through 81. Not relocating for the part. See? Okay. The concern that they have asked that probability or for not all the rule Shores 30 R. Moore's forms. Okay, for this reason in this case, we can all get use the very same logic. You have the right to say that is one minus probability the all show, Uh, all that was true. To your most part, Andi had calculated this and Bart A currently So we're just 16 through 81 so ns would have one minus 16 through 81.

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And also if you leveling the no stop, you're getting here the 65 by 81. So, yeah, you've done however answering every the