A concrete wall, which has a surface ar area that 20 m2 and is 0.30 m thick, the end conditioned room waiting from ambient air. The temperature the the inner surface of the wall is maintained at 25°C, and the thennal conductivity that the concrete is 1 W/m. K.

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(a) recognize the heat loss with the wall surface for external surface temperatures varying from - 15°C to 38°C,which exchange mail to winter and summer extremes, respectively. Display screen your results graphically.

(b) On your graph. Also plot the heat loss together a function of the external surface temperature for wall surface materials having actually thermal conductivities that 0.75 and also 1.25 W/m . K. Describe the family members of curve you have actually obtained.

A concrete wall through a surface area of 20 m 2 and a thickness of 0.30 m separates conditioned room air from ambient air. The temperature of the inner surface of the wall (T 1 ) is maintained at 25°C. (a) Determine the heat loss Q (W) through the concrete wall for 3 thermal conductivity values... See Answer
A huge Styrofoam cooler has a surface area of 1.0 m2 and a thickness of 2.5 cm. If 5.0 kg of ice cream at 0oC is stored inside and the external temperature is a continuous 35oC, how long go it take it for every the ice cream to melt? (Consider conduction only.) watch Answer
A black wood range has a surface area of 1.20 m2 and a surface temperature of 175°C. What is the net rate at which heat is radiated into the room? The room temperature is 20°C. View Answer
A cell membrane has a surface area of 1.0 × 10?7 m2, a dielectric continuous of 5.2, and a thickness of 7.5 nm. The membrane acts choose the dielectric in a parallel bowl capacitor; a great of hopeful ions on the outer surface and a layer of negative ions on the inner surface act as the capacitor... See Answer
A usual adult ear has a surface area of 2.1 × 10 ?3 m 2 . The sound intensity during a regular conversation is around 3.2 × 10 ?6 W/m 2 at the listener’s ear. Assume that the sound strikes the surface of the ear perpendicularly. Exactly how much power is intercepted by the ear? check out Answer
A seven-year, non-interest-bearing note for $5200 is discounted 3 year and 8 months prior to its due day at 9% compounded quarterly. Discover the proceeds of the note. View Answer
permit X~N(35, 42). Find: a. P(X view Answer
noted below are five procedures complied with by Wallace Company.1. Employees are forced to take...... ... of good internal control, show which internal control principle is being followed. If it is an example of weak inner control, show which internal manage principle is violated. Use... See Answer
The Poseidon Swim company produces swim trunks. The average selling price for one of their swim...... ... of their swim trunks is $76.32. The variable expense per unit is $24.51. Poseidon swim has typical fixed prices per year of $24,7081. What would certainly be the operation profit or loss associated with the... View Answer
The thermal conductivity of a paper of rigid, extruded insulation is report to be k = 0.029 W/m. K. The measured temperature difference across a 20-mm-thick sheet of the product is T1 - T2 = 10°e. (a) What is the heat flux through a 2 m X 2 m paper of the insulation? (b) What is the price of... Watch Answer
The concrete slab of a basement is 11 m long, 8 m wide and 0.20 m thick. During the winter, temperatures space nominally 17°C and 10oC at the optimal and bottom surfaces, respectively.

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If the concrete has a thermal conductivity of 1.4 W/m. K, what is the price of heat loss through the slab? If the... See Answer
The correct bespeak of enhancing s-character (in percentage) in the hybrid orbitals of following molecules/ion is 1) CO II)XeF, IV) NCl V)BeCl2 III)I, (A) II watch Answer
Two identical 16-lb uniform cylinders space at rest as soon as a continuous couple M of size 3 ft lb is...... ... Kinetic friction between cylinder B and the horizontal surface ar is 0.2 and also that no slipping occurs between the cylinders, recognize (a) The angular acceleration that each cylinder, (b) The... Check out Answer
The adhering to independent events for Repertory Theatre Ltd. Throughout the year finished December 31,...... ... (1) the attention paid on January 1 (item 4), (2) payment of the payroll top top January 4 (item 5), (3) receipt that the rental on January 6 (item 6), and (4) payment of the telephone invoice on January 12... View Answer
Interpreting a declare of cash flows based upon the direct method for presenting cash circulation from...... S... Even if it is the amount payment exceeded, or was less than, expense. D. Keep in mind that revenue increased by a bit more than 10% in between 2005 and 2006 but nearly doubled in between 2006 and also 2007. What cause(s)... Check out Answer
Data acquired from the National center for wellness Statistics present that men between the eras of 20...... ... Inches) the 20 randomly selected football player are displayed in the table. (a) Verify that the data space normally distributed by drawing a normal probability plot.(b) Compute the sample standard... See Answer