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1-Page an overview of A Child called It

Overall Summary

A Child called It: One children Courage to endure is a memoir detailing the life of writer Dave Pelzer. In it, he describes his battles with abuse from his mother until 5th grade. The book was released in 1995 and also received much acclaim through critics and readers alike. Pelzer has appeared on several television shows consisting of Oprah Winfrey’s show and Montel Williams’ show. However, there have been numerous skeptics who inquiry if the story is true or not due to the fact that some members that Pelzer’s family have refuse it happened. Richard Pelzer composed his own memoir the corroborates lot of Dave’s story in 2006 dubbed A Brother’s Journey: making it through a Childhood that Abuse.

Dave Pelzer starts his memoir with an account the the work he to be rescued. He had been abused by his mother and also stepfather because that years, however one morning while going to school, the was stopped by the principal and also several various other teachers that asked him about all the bruises ~ above his body. The police were dubbed to concern him further, as well as Child security Services.

In chapter 2, Pelzer looks earlier to his childhood and recalls the good times when he had actually a loving mommy who to be creative. Catherine was additionally controlling though. In this chapter, us learn about how she came to be abusive after that in life.

In Chapters 3 – 6, Pelzer talks around how his mommy abused him. She would certainly make him was standing in former of a mirror and also tell himself that he to be bad. She likewise locked the in the bathroom through an ammonia bucket to punishment him for being bad. Throughout this chapters, she lied come cover up her abuse by do Dave say the he fell down when she ache his arm or saying that he dropped out that bed once she fight his leg. At this point, Dave realizes the there is no going back to the method things to be before because his mommy will never readjust into the type parent native before.

Though the book reveals Catherine’s delusions by consisting of crimes for Dave to have actually committed, Pelzer learns to take earlier his agency and find ways of managing her abuse. One method is by distracting her or thefts food when she tries to starve him.


Chapter 5, “The Accident,” discover the lengths of Catherine’s rage. It also signifies that Dave’s father is complacent once it involves his son’s safety and well-being. In chapter 7, “The Lord’s Prayer,” Stephen leaves the household for good. While he to be gone, teachers came to be increasingly suspicious around Dave and also Child Protective services took him away from his parents.

Pelzer reflects on his life in the Epilogue, “Sonoma County, California.” he tells exactly how he overcame many challenges and eventually join the military and also started a household of his own. Stephen accompanies him come this ar where that spent lot time as a child and is happy to it is in there with him.

The book has a section referred to as “Perspectives ~ above Childhood Abuse.” It provides resources for people who room suffering indigenous abuse as well as narratives from experts in the field and minor characters in Pelzer’s memoir.

Chapter 1: “The Rescue”

It is in march 5, 1973. Dave Pelzer is a fifth grader who needs to hide his mother’s abuse from the institution officials at thomas Edison primary school School. He additionally remembers that his mom was when beautiful through luxurious hair, yet she now looks overweight and unkempt.

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Dave’s mother is abusive to him. She speak him come stick his hands in scalding water and he complies, but he doesn’t let she “take away my will to survive”. She assignment him come tell teachers the the burns come from an accident. He gets sent home from institution after this incident and also the human being there are already waiting because that him, including a policeman who calls Dave’s mom and tells her that Dave won’t be going ago home again. The policeman says that currently he’ll ultimately be complimentary of abuse.