Fig. 1 - Cartesian coordinate system. Four points are marked: (2,3) in green, (-3,1) in red, (-1.5,-2.5) in blue and also (0,0), the origin, in yellow.

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In mathematics, the Cartesian name: coordinates system (or rectangular name: coordinates system) is used to identify each point uniquely in a airplane through two numbers, usually referred to as the x-coordinate and also the y-coordinate of the point. To specify the coordinates, 2 perpendicular command lines (the x-axis or abscissa, and the y-axis or ordinate), space specified, as well as the unit length, which is significant off ~ above the 2 axes (see number 1). Cartesian coordinate solution are likewise used in space (where three collaborates are used) and in higher dimensions.


4 Orientation and also handedness

Fig. 2 - Cartesian coordinate device with the circle of radius 2 centered at the origin marked in red. The equation that the circle is x² + y² = 4.
Using the Cartesian name: coordinates system, geometric shapes (such together curves) can be explained by algebraic equations, namely equations satisfied through the coordinates of the points lie on the shape. Because that example, a circle of radius 2 might be described by the equation x² + y² = 4 (see number 2).


Cartesian means relating to the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes (Latin: Cartesius), who, amongst other things, worked to unify algebra and also Euclidean geometry. This occupational was prominent in the advance of analytic geometry, calculus, and also cartography.

The idea the this device was emerged in 1637 in 2 writings by Descartes. In component two that his Discourse on Method, Descartes introduce the new idea of point out the position of a suggest or object on a surface, using 2 intersecting axes together measuring guides. In La Géométrie, he additional explores the above-mentioned concepts.

Two-dimensional name: coordinates system


Fig. 3 - The four quadrants the a Cartesian coordinate system. The arrows top top the axes show that they expand forever in their respective directions (i.e. Infinitely).

A Cartesian coordinate device in two dimensions is commonly defined by two axes, at ideal angles to each other, developing a plane (an xy-plane). The horizontal axis is usually labeled x, and also the vertical axis is typically labeled y. In a three–dimensional coordinate system, another axis, normally labeled z, is added, offering a third dimension of an are measurement. The axes space commonly defined as support orthogonal come each various other (each at a ideal angle to the other). (Early systems permitted "oblique" axes, the is, axes the did not fulfill at ideal angles, and such systems are periodically used today, although mainly as theoretical exercises.) every the clues in a Cartesian coordinate mechanism taken together type a so-called Cartesian plane. Equations that usage the Cartesian coordinate device are dubbed Cartesian equations.

The allude of intersection, whereby the axes meet, is called the origin typically labeled O.The x and y axes define a airplane that is referred to as the xy plane.Given every axis, pick a unit length, and also mark turn off each unit follow me the axis, forming a grid.To specify a details point on a 2 dimensional name: coordinates system, suggest the x unit first (abscissa), followed by the y unit (ordinate) in the type (x,y), an bespeak pair.

The an option of letters comes from a convention, to usage the latter part of the alphabet to indicate unknown values. In contrast, the first part that the alphabet was provided to designate recognized values.

An instance of a allude P on the system is indicated in number 3, utilizing the name: coordinates (3,5).

The intersection the the two axes creates four regions, called quadrants, suggested by the roman inn numerals ns (+,+), II (−,+), III (−,−), and IV (+,−). Conventionally, the quadrants room labeled counter-clockwise starting from the upper ideal ("northeast") quadrant. In the an initial quadrant, both works with are positive, in the 2nd quadrant x-coordinates are an unfavorable and y-coordinates positive, in the third quadrant both coordinates are an unfavorable and in the 4th quadrant, x-coordinates are positive and also y-coordinates an adverse (see table below.)

Three-dimensional name: coordinates system



The three dimensional Cartesian name: coordinates system offers the three physical dimensions of space—length, width, and also height. Numbers 4 and also 5, show two common ways of representing it.

The three Cartesian axes defining the system are perpendicular to every other. The relevant collaborates are of the type (x,y,z). As an example, number 4 mirrors two point out plotted in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system: P(3,0,5) and also Q(−5,−5,7). The axes are illustrated in a "world-coordinates" orientation through the z-axis pointing up.

The x-, y-, and also z-coordinates of a point can additionally be taken as the distances from the yz-plane, xz-plane, and xy-plane respectively. Number 5 reflects the ranges of suggest P from the planes.

The xy-, yz-, and xz-planes divide the three-dimensional an are into eight subdivisions well-known as octants, similar to the quadrants that 2D space. When conventions have been established for the labelling the the 4 quadrants the the x-y plane, only the an initial octant of three dimensional space is labelled. The contains every one of the points whose x, y, and z coordinates are positive.

The z-coordinate is also called applicate.

Orientation and handedness

see also: right-hand rule

In two dimensions


Fixing or picking the x-axis identify the y-axis up to direction. Namely, the y-axis is have to the perpendicular come the x-axis with the point marked 0 ~ above the x-axis. Yet there is a an option of i beg your pardon of the two half lines top top the perpendicular come designate as positive and also which as negative. Each of these two selections determines a different orientation (also referred to as handedness) of the Cartesian plane.

The usual way of orienting the axes, v the confident x-axis pointing right and the positive y-axis pointing increase (and the x-axis gift the "first" and the y-axis the "second" axis) is considered the optimistic or typical orientation, additionally called the right-handed orientation.

A commonly used mnemonic for defining the confident orientation is the right hand rule. Placing a rather closed best hand on the plane with the thumb pointing up, the fingers point from the x-axis to the y-axis, in a positive oriented coordinate system.

The other means of orienting the axes is adhering to the left hand rule, place the left hand top top the aircraft with the ignorance pointing up.

Regardless of the dominion used come orient the axes, rotating the coordinate mechanism will preserve the orientation. Convert the function of x and y will certainly reverse the orientation.

In three dimensions

Once the x- and also y-axes space specified, they identify the line follow me which the z-axis must lie, yet there space two feasible directions top top this line. The two feasible coordinate equipment which an outcome are called "right-handed" and also "left-handed." The standard orientation, whereby the xy-plane is horizontal and the z-axis points up (and the x- and the y-axis kind a positively oriented two-dimensional coordinate system in the xy-plane if it was observed from over the xy-plane) is dubbed right-handed or positive.

The name derives native the right-hand rule. If the table of contents finger that the appropriate hand is spicy forward, the center finger bending inward in ~ a ideal angle to it, and the thumb placed at a appropriate angle come both, the three fingers suggest the family member directions the the x-, y-, and also z-axes in a right-handed system. The thumb suggests the x-axis, the index finger the y-axis and the center finger the z-axis. Whereas if the very same is done with the left hand, a left-handed mechanism results.

Different techniques use various variations of the name: coordinates systems. For example, mathematicians commonly use a right-handed coordinate device with the y-axis pointing up, while engineers commonly use a left-handed coordinate system with the z-axis pointing up. This has the potential to lead to confusion as soon as engineers and mathematicians work on the same project.

Figure 7 is an attempt at portraying a left- and also a right-handed coordinate system. Because a three-dimensional thing is stood for on the two-dimensional screen, distortion and ambiguity result. The axis pointing downward (and to the right) is also meant to suggest towards the observer, conversely, the "middle" axis is expected to point away indigenous the observer. The red circle is parallel come the horizontal xy-plane and also indicates rotation indigenous the x-axis come the y-axis (in both cases). Hence the red arrow passes in front of the z-axis.

Figure 8 is another attempt at portraying a right-handed name: coordinates system. Again, over there is one ambiguity led to by projecting the three-dimensional coordinate system right into the plane. Countless observers see number 8 as "flipping in and out" in between a convex cube and also a concave "corner." This coincides to the two possible orientations the the coordinate system. Seeing the figure as convex gives a left-handed name: coordinates system. Thus, the "correct" means to view figure 8 is come imagine the x-axis as pointing towards the observer and also thus see a concave corner.

In physics

The above discussion applies to Cartesian coordinate solution in mathematics, where it is common to not use any units of measurement. In physics, that is crucial to note that a dimension is simply a measure of something, and also that, because that each class of attributes to be measured, an additional dimension have the right to be added. Attachments to visualizing the size precludes understanding the numerous different dimensions that can be measured (time, mass, color, cost, etc.). Multi-dimensional objects can be calculated and manipulated algebraically.

Representing a vector through Cartesian notation

A allude in an are in a Cartesian coordinate device may likewise be represented by a vector, which deserve to be believed of together an arrowhead pointing native the beginning of the coordinate system to the point. If the works with represent spatial positions (displacements) that is typical to stand for the vector native the beginning to the allude of attention as rdisplaystyle mathbf r

. Making use of Cartesian coordinates, the vector from the beginning to the allude (x,y,z)displaystyle (x,y,z)
have the right to be written as<1>:

r=xi+yj+zkdisplaystyle mathbf r =xmathbf i +ymathbf j +zmathbf k


where idisplaystyle mathbf i , jdisplaystyle mathbf j , and also kdisplaystyle mathbf k room unit vectors that point the exact same direction as the xdisplaystyle x

, ydisplaystyle y
, and also zdisplaystyle z
axes, respectively.

This notation is commonly referred to together Cartesian notation. The unit vectors idisplaystyle mathbf i , jdisplaystyle mathbf j , and also kdisplaystyle mathbf k are dubbed the versors the the name: coordinates system, and also represent an instance of conventional basis.

Further notes

In computer system geometry, the Cartesian coordinate device is the structure for the algebraic manipulation of geometrical shapes. Countless other coordinate systems have actually been arisen since Descartes. One common set of systems provides polar coordinates; astronomers often use spherical coordinates, a kind of polar coordinate system.

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