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An atlas is a book or arsenal of maps. Countless atlases likewise contain facts and history about particular places. Over there are numerous kinds of specialized atlases, together as road atlases and also historical atlases. There are additionally star atlases, which give the location and placement the stars, planets and other celestial objects.Besides reflecting maps of every the countries and continents, a people atlas may also administer facts about the countries. Individual maps of significant cities or various other points of interest may additionally be consisted of in a world atlas. Populace statistics, the ar of natural resources, social and spiritual information and political data are typically found in one atlas.Although civilization have been making use of maps for thousands of years, people really didnt start producing huge atlases until the 1500s. During this time, European and Asian nations were experimenting the human being through trade and also colonization. They depended upon atlases to overview them v unfamiliar territory. Together European explorers mapped the "New World" (the Americas), they additionally updated atlases v their discoveries.In 1595, a repertoire of maps prepared by the Flemish mapmaker Gerardus Mercator was published with the word "atlas" in the title. Atlas referred to a portrait the King Atlas, a mythical afri monarch. King Atlas created the an initial celestial globe. A celestial globe is a ball-shaped map that the stars and constellations. Celestial globes were an extremely important in navigation, once sailors provided stars to identify their position at sea. Mercator proved King Atlas to demonstrate his prestige to navigation. This to be the first time the hatchet was applied to a collection of maps. Eventually, "atlas" came to be used for any type of book that maps.

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Carrying the world on his ShouldersThe superordinary creature Atlas is regularly associated, and also pictured, ~ above atlases. Atlas was a gigantic (called a Titan) who was required to carry the Earth and the heavens (usually pictured together a sphere) ~ above his back.