Although this isn"t the easiest job in the world, you can change the fuel pump ~ above your cool Cherokee there is no breaking the bank.

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This article uses to the Jeep grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ (1993-2004).

If it"s time for you to readjust out her fuel pump, don"t fret around how big of a task this is. You have the right to do that on your own in just a couple of hours. The task isn"t as well difficult, even if you decide to perform it the right way and fall the fuel tank. Friend will conserve yourself some pain if friend can drain the gas or perform the job as soon as your tank is almost empty. There is one alternate technique that involves cutting a hole in your cargo bay above the pump, but this is not recommended because that both security concerns as well as the opportunity of cutting right into fuel lines and having to replace more than just the pump. Fuel pumps themselves space not very expensive, however the labor costs will it is in considerable, so save yourself a the majority of dough by law this job yourself.


Materials NeededHydraulic floor jackJack standsWheel chocks or blocksFlat head and also Phillips head screwdriversShop ragsCatch pan or container because that spilled gasolineReplacement tank straps if applicableWood blocksVaseline

Step 1 – Disconnect your battery

Whenever you room working in her engine compartment, or any component of the fuel system, that is always a great idea come disconnect her battery. So walk ahead and also disconnect the negative (black) battery terminal.

Figure 1. Disconnect an adverse battery terminal.

Please perform this project in a well-ventilated area, and also do not smoke or have any heat and also flame resources in your functioning area.

Step 2 – Jack up the rear end of her Jeep

Place wheel chocks in prior of the former wheels and also jack increase the behind of your Jeep. Location jack was standing in the approved locations and lower the Jeep onto the jack stands.

Figure 2. Usage jack stands to hold up the rear of your Jeep.
Pro Tip

Always use jack stands once working under your Jeep. Never ever use a hydraulic floor jack alone when working under it.

Step 3 – remove the inner fender

Use a Phillips head driver to remove the left, or driver"s side, rear inner fender cover. This will offer you access to the fuel filler neck.

Figure 3. Use a Phillips head driver to eliminate the inside fender screws.

Step 4 – Disconnect filler neck

Use a flat head screwdriver to disconnect the water tap clamp from the filler neck and pull turn off the fuel hose.

Figure 4. Disconnect hose from filler neck.

Step 5 – Disconnect tank vent hose and fuel pump strength supply

Use your flat head screwdriver to eliminate the clip the holds the vent water tap to the gas tank. Pull the hose turn off the tank and also then disconnect the rapid disconnect the the strength supply because that the fuel pump.

Figure 5. Slide up the red locking clip and pull personal the quick connect wiring harness.

Step 6 – remove the tank straps

Place some hardwood blocks under the gas tank to stop it from dropping, or usage your hydraulic floor jack with some slight pressure on the tank to save it native falling to the floor. Usage a ratchet with expansion to unbolt the strap indigenous the frame.

Figure 6. Remove the tank straps come drop the tank.

Step 7 – reduced the tank and also remove fuel heat from the pump

You don"t have a ton of slack in the fuel line from the tank come the fuel pump. Once those straps room off, use the floor jack to reduced the tank only about a foot; reduced the thank slightly and just enough to gain your hands in there to disconnect the fuel heat from the optimal of the fuel pump. Friend don"t need any tools come disconnect this line, because it snaps off with a slight squeeze and a pull.

Figure 7. Disconnect the fuel water tap from the fuel pump.

Step 8 – eliminate old fuel pump

Once the fuel line is disconnected indigenous the fuel pump, the tank deserve to be fully removed from under the Jeep. Move the tank come a level area whereby you have plenty the room to work. The fuel pump is secured right into the tank with a locking ring. Revolve the ring counterclockwise come loosen and also remove it. Set the ring aside and also then pull the end the old fuel pump.

Figure 8. As soon as the locking ring is removed, the old fuel pump lifts best out the the tank.

Step 9 – Install brand-new pump

Use some Vaseline about the base of the peak of the new fuel pump, so it provides a quite water tight seal against the tank wherein it sits in there. Take care, when inserting the new pump, the you carry out not damage the float and the fuel level gauge. When you have the pump seated right into the tank, apply some pressure to make certain it is in every the method and replace the locking ring. Rotate it clockwise to lock it in place. Move the tank back under your Jeep top top the floor jack and also raise it earlier up right into position, about a foot from wherein it at some point will go. Girlfriend will require a brand-new fuel line retaining clip to affix a fuel heat to the new fuel pump. Reach earlier in and also re-attach the fuel heat to the fuel pump. Progressive the tank earlier into position and reconnect the tank straps. If they appear worn or questionable at all, usage two new tank straps. Certain the straps, climate reconnect the fuel pump strength supply and also the venting hose. Reconnect the fuel heat to the filler neck and reattach the within fender wall. Begin your Jeep and check because that leaks. If none, autumn the Jeep and you are all set.

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Figure 9. Take care when inserting the brand-new fuel pump.

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