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So far Error 49 has actually been a dread to numerous HP printer users. It’s a typical error the often attacks the LaserJet line printers. After lot research and understanding by agree technicians, they have actually concluded the it’s an concern mainly caused as result of three reasons- software program problem, formatter or a firmware defect, interaction issue. In addition to the password 49 error, secondary errors specific the 49.4C02, the 49.4CF2, and so on are connected with. Have girlfriend been utilizing an HP LaserJet printer and faced comparable errors showcasing on the printer head? Then recognize how to deal with hp printer password 49 error in this write-up where we have actually interviewed several pro press technicians prior to sharing the guidelines to solve the 49 error.

Here, some steps are discussed to solve the code 49 error of her HP LaserJet printer—

Step 1: push the “Cancel Job” to clean the memoryPer argued by the press technicians from HP, us strongly recommend you to hit the “Cancel Job” switch on the printer. This will aid the press to clean off the memory of printing the has.Now rotate OFF the strength of her printer, wait for part time and then again turn it ~ above to examine whether the printer screen is still mirroring the code 49 error or not. If this process didn’t work, move to action 2.Step 2: test a printing native a various softwareIn this stage, you’re said to test print from a different software application. If you find that the to press is done perfectly, the walk to the prior applications and shot to publish a various file. This will help you to examine whether the press is law its job perfectly without reflecting the exact same error.Step 3: Opt for the Power-Cycle processKnown to be the most common suggestion yet the most effective one- the power cycle process can be wonderful to resolve any errors whether it’s 49 or miscellaneous else.Disconnect all the cords and also connections attached to the printer. This action is a should if the error password persists with different software applications and also printing.


Step 4: eliminate the DIMMs native the printerTurn off the printer and also remove every the DIMMs and the third-party DIMMs native the printer for removing every printing memories.Keep the firmware DIMM and don’t eliminate it.Now eliminate all the EIO devices before turning ON the printer.If you uncover the password 49 error is resolved, the strongly advised to install every DIMM along with the EIO device separately while maintaining the power OFF.Now, switch on the strength of the printer to begin printing once again.If you notice that the DIMM or the EIO machine is the reason behind the error, then replace it.Even after doing that, if the worry refuses to walk away, climate according come the HP technicians, change the firmware DIMM followed by replacing the formatter the the LaserJet printer.Likewise, you deserve to fix the password 49 error in your HP printer.