Cracked open up my boy DSi come look into the appropriate shoulder button not functioning. Put it earlier together and button still not functional. Opened up it up again come clean switch better, currently the DSi will certainly not power up and also the orange charge light only blinks as soon as plugged into wall surface charger. When I hit the power button, the blue light come on because that a 2nd or 2 then go out. Left the charging overnight v no success. Is it much more likely that the battery now requirements to be replaced or go I damages some interior component the second time ns cleaned it?

Discovered cause of blinking orange light! opened the DSi come make certain the battery contacts were every in real estate as they should be and also noticed that the red and black wires going in between battery terminals and circuit board looked odd. The black wire was totally seated in the slot however the red wire was pulled out just enough for me to watch exposed copper. Driven red wire all the way into slot and replaced battery. DSi currently charges and powers up simply fine.

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by the method blowing right into the trigger button that doesn"t work-related is a great way to begin with a faulty create button. Alot of times dust it s okay in over there but due to the fact that you have actually torn it apart currently did you inspect the rubber thing that sits on height of the button it"s white/light grey if the circle isn"t damaged it"s just dust. Since it"s a dsi look on the left/right the the side that"s not working and also take a deep breathe and also blow into the an equipment really hard.

i woke up and also my dsi xl had actually water top top it and probably in it my an initial reaction to be to dry it off then ns tried to revolve it on v no success climate i thought it was dead so i plugged the in and a red/orange midlle ovel to be blinking right now is sitting in the sun what need to i do




We had the exact same exact difficulty with the ideal D-pad (cross) button and also it was - in the interim - repaired with a replacement power supply board (which had the D-pad buttons top top it). Yet a few weeks later on my son stated the unit would not power up and also the fee indicator light to be flashing. I opened the unit again and also found the the two tiny red and also black wires the go native the PS board to the motherboard had actually been "pinched" in between the case halves and damaged as soon as I installed the new PS plank (I have the right to see conductors thru the insulation where it to be pinched). This wires course thru a tiny slot to hold them in place and away indigenous the instance halves but I did not realize the at the time. Also upon close check of the brand-new board and the initial board i have found that those tiny wires are much longer on the brand-new board and therefore their routing is also more an important as the "excess" cable is really prone to be pinched if not routed just so. The bottom heat for united state is that the damaged wires must have shorted due to the fact that I discovered that the tiny "F1" SMT fuse top top the new PS board is blown and also that i cannot repair. I have verified that this is the root reason as I have re-installed the original PS board (with its bad right D-pad switch) and other than that the unit works normally. I have actually ordered one more PS plank at this point.

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So if you change your PS board because of a poor D-pad switch (or other reason) be an extremely careful when you course the red/black wires between the PS board and also the motherboard so the they execute not end up being damaged.