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Retail home For Sale

Easily among the best avenues in Burbank CA. This non franchised store has an impeccable reputation and a very loyal clientele. Countless sources of revenue, FedEx, USPS, Print, Copy, Fax, Shredding, Live Scan possibilities and also more.

Easily one of the best methods in Burbank CA. This no franchised store has actually an impeccable reputation and also a very loyal clientele. Many sources the revenue, FedEx, USPS, Print, Copy, Fax, Shredding, Live Scan possibilities and more.


collection Street cross Street traffic Volume Year distance
N Hollywood Way Magnolia Blvd 34,696 2018 0.12 mi
Magnolia Blvd N Avon St 23,700 2018 0.17 mi
Magnolia Blvd N Maple St 21,583 2018 0.20 mi
N Hollywood Way Chandler Blvd 34,592 2018 0.21 mi
W Clark Ave N Avon St 3,830 2013 0.28 mi
Pass Ave W Clark Ave 3,691 2018 0.30 mi
N Hollywood Way N Whitnall Hwy 33,425 2018 0.35 mi
W Clark Ave N California St 3,299 2013 0.40 mi
Magnolia Blvd N sink St 21,636 2020 0.43 mi
W Clark Ave N Fairview St 1,470 2018 0.49 mi


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