Convert between teaspoons and also milliliters (tsp and mL) utilizing this calculator tool and conversion tables. Also, find out how plenty of milliliters there room in a teaspoon. This converter is part of the full food preparation calculator.

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How many mL are in a Teaspoon?

The teaspoon comes in a couple of sizes, depending upon where you space in the world:

The united state Teaspoon actions 4.92892 mL.

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that is generally referenced in recipes in the united States. The Metric Teaspoon steps 5mL. it is supplied in the UK and Australia, Canada and also the Commonwealth.
Teaspoons (US) to mL conversion Table Teaspoons (US) Milliliters
1 teaspoon4.9289 mL
2 teaspoons9.8578 mL
3 teaspoons14.7868 mL
4 teaspoons19.7157 mL
5 teaspoons24.6446 mL
6 teaspoons29.5735 mL
7 teaspoons34.5024 mL
8 teaspoons39.4314 mL
9 teaspoons44.3603 mL
10 teaspoons49.2892 mL
Figures room rounded to 4 decimal places. Teaspoon is level, not heaped.

Teaspoons (Metric) to mL switch Table Teaspoons (Metric) Milliliters
1 teaspoon5 mL
2 teaspoons10 mL
3 teaspoons15 mL
4 teaspoons20 mL
5 teaspoons25 mL
6 teaspoons30 mL
7 teaspoons35 mL
8 teaspoons40 mL
9 teaspoons45 mL
10 teaspoons50 mL
Teaspoon is level, not heaped.


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