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Your baby’s grip, vision and hearing room all acquiring stronger now.

By mainly 22 the pregnancy, your small one has actually also completed a huge milestone: break the 1-pound mark!

Meanwhile, you might be noticing more changes, including a protruding navel and also possibly also slightly enlarge feet — the an outcome of all those hormones and also pregnancy ede (called edema).

Your baby at week 22

Your infant hits a mini milestone this week: in ~ a full pound, she bids bye-bye come postal-scale weigh-ins and also graduates come the real thing. And also at virtually 8 inches, your tiny bear is about the dimension of the teddies she’ll be playing with before you understand it.

A lot needs to happen prior to then, of course, yet things are moving along in ~ a brisk pace. Your baby’s quickly arising nervous mechanism is sharpening she senses more and more each day, putting her in touch with her world and her own body. In fact, a new-found feeling of touch is making things a lot much more fascinating in she cozy domain as tiny finger reach out to explore tiny toes and — what’s that? — my nose and my ears!

Those exact same fidgety digits feel their way along the uterine walls, grasping ~ above the branch-like umbilical cord with all your might. Her wee one is already working on the strong grip she’ll usage to seize onto your finger once she’s a newborn.

Your baby’s sense of vision is likewise coming into focus. What have the right to she view at this point? even though it’s dark inside your tummy and also her eyelids room still fused shut, her baby can perceive light when you permit the sunlight (or a flashlight) light on your belly. She sufficiently developed cochlear membranes in the ears space tuned approximately hear and procedure sounds from inside your body. What’s your small one listening to now? your breathing, the whoosh of your blood flow, her rumbling tummy, and of food the pitter-pattering of her heartbeat.


Foot growth

At 22 mainly pregnant, her uterus is now about an inch over your belly switch — farming by leaps and bounds. Yet your tummy"s no the just thing that"s cultivation these days. Have actually you looked under at her feet? Quick, look currently — before you can"t see them anymore.

If you"re like plenty of expectant women, you"ll find that feet gain bigger too. An excellent news if you"re looking come revamp your entire shoe collection, not so great if you"ve simply indulged in a pricey pair that Manolos.

While some foot development can it is in attributed to pregnant swelling (edema), there"s an additional reason that feet rise in size during pregnancy — and sometimes don"t shrink back afterward. Psychic relaxin — that pregnancy hormone that loosens the ligaments and also joints about your pelvis so your baby can fit through (and the hormone that"s additionally likely to do you especially clumsy during pregnancy)?Well, the doesn"t discriminate between the ligaments you"d desire loosened up, favor those pelvic ones, and those you"d rather it would simply leave alone, choose the persons in her feet.

The result: when the ligaments in the feet are loosened, the skeleton under them have tendency to spread out slightly, leading to a half or totality shoe size boost for countless women and also tootsies the feel unexpectedly uncomfortably tight.

If you do uncover yourself to run to the mall for a brand-new pair of shoes, buy persons that are comfortable and roomy, v no an ext than a sensible, chunky 2-inch heel. Skip the stilettos — you"ll have actually trouble enough keeping her balance together your ship balloons forward.

Coping through tummy touchers

By now, you may have encountered at least a pair of well-wishing ship touchers who can"t seem to resist reaching out and also patting your belly. It could be everyone — a friend, coworker or a perfect stranger ~ above the deli line.

It"s understandable, because pregnant tummies room adorable and house something even cuter inside. And you may not psychic — if you"re a touchy-feely person yourself, girlfriend may even welcome the public display screen of affection for her baby bump.

But if you perform mind, there space a few approaches you have the right to take. One, you have the right to gently however firmly tell them just how you feel: "I recognize you might mean well, yet I yes, really would fairly you didn"t touch my stomach." Two, girlfriend can ago off — accurate — and also dodge their attempts come touch her bump. And also three, you can turn the tables by teasingly providing them a belly rub in return. Remember, you"re sharing her body top top the inside — you don"t must share it on the outside too.


It’s perfectly normal to uncover yourself wanting to devour the contents of your kitchen cabinets and also fridge — ~ all, you have a farming baby come feed! So try to stock your residence with healthy snacks such as fruit, cut-up veggies, nuts and also whole wheat crackers. Review More
That growing uterus is likewise putting push on her bowels, making that harder to relocate waste out of her system. Offer things a jump-start by working out regularly, which motivates bowel movements. Read More
Your ever-expanding uterus deserve to put push on her blood vessels, which have the right to reduce blood circulation to your brain and reason light-headedness. Assist keep your blood pumping v your circulatory device by drink at least eight glasses of water a day, or more if it’s warm or you’re functioning out. Check out More
Some professionals theorize that leg cramps during pregnancy might be caused by a shortage the calcium or magnesium in the diet. Minimize the frequency of this painful spasms by taking your prenatal vitamin daily. Read More
Noticing stretch marks not just on your tummy but on her hips, thighs and breasts together well? go ahead and rub moisturizer anywhere your human body — it might not be a miracle cure, however it’s worth a shot and will aid ease dryness and itchiness. Check out More
Not loving your new outie belly button? After shipment it will revert ago to an innie — however be all set for the reality that you will probably be left with a slightly bigger navel. Check out More

Is her uterus practicing for delivery? If you feel irregular, painless, squeezing emotion in her abdomen, that is. Those areBraxton Hicks contractions and also they’re not dangerous. They"re a little bit like a dress rehearsal: her uterine muscles room flexing in preparation for the large job they"ll need to do in the close to future.

Keep in mind the while they can be tough to distinguish from the actual thing, they"re not efficient enough to press your baby out — only actual labor contractions have the right to do that.

At threat for preterm labor? her doctor may do a fetal fibronectin (fFN) test. FFN is a protein developed during pregnancy; that acts as a sort of "glue" the holds the baby in her uterus.

If the outcomes are negative, you"re no at risk, yet if they"re positive, your odds the going into labor early on are higher. In that case, her practitioner may take measures to prolong your pregnancy and prepare your baby"s lungs for a preterm delivery.

In enhancement to strengtheningbaby’s bones and teeth, magnesium — a mineral that"s uncovered in pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds and cashews — works to stimulate enzyme function, regulate insulin and also control blood street levels.

Talk to your medical professional to be certain you"re getting enough magnesium from her diet and prenatal vitamin.If you"re low, you might feel fatigued and also lack muscle toughness (as if you essential any an ext of that these days), or have actually leg cramps or restless legs.

Scientific research mirrors that you"re not the just one who benefits from a sweat session. Those who work-related out throughout their pregnancy have actually babies who, top top average, score greater on general intelligence tests by period 4. Not just will her workout boost your muscle power, but it"ll likewise boost your baby"s brain power!

Who requirements to be faithful to one brand? store brands and also no-frills assets may not seduce you v pretty packaging, but they"re likely to have inner beauty to enhance their attractive price tags. Examine the labels and you"ll see they typically boast as lot nutrition together the enlarge brands.

And here"s a little-known secret: In many instances, the save brand is in reality a surname brand with a keep label, so you may be buying the specific same bread you"ve known and also loved — but for a lot much less dough.

Thinking of preventing by her dermatologist"s office because that a to fill or a refill that collagen, choose Restylane or Perlane? Here"s a wrinkles in the plan. Thesafety of Botox and also injectable line fillers during pregnancy hasn"t been developed through studies yet — which method you"re better off holding off for now.

Now"s a an excellent time to find out some reassuring relaxation techniques — not just due to the fact that they can aid you cope with pregnancy problems (and later, with labor contractions), but due to the fact that they"ll come in handy in your life as a new mom — as when the baby"s ~ above a crying marathon.

Yoga"s a fabulous de-stresser, but here"s a an approach you have the right to use just around anywhere, anytime, to soothe her soul: Sit v your eyes closed and imagine a beautiful, peaceful scene, choose a sunset over your favorite beach or a serene hill vista. Then, working your way up from your toes to her face, concentrate on be safe every muscle.

Breathe slowly and deeply with your nose and also choose a straightforward word (such as "yes" or "one") come repeat big every time girlfriend exhale. Ten minutes should do the trick, though also a minute or two is much better than nothing.

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