It’s happened to every one of us. You’re driving approximately Grand Blanc, and suddenly the check engine light comes on. What have to you do? do you pull over? speak to roadside assistance? The fact is, the check engine light can light up because that any variety of reasons, both serious and also not serious. This has actually led part to shot to reset the examine engine light rather of do the efforts to identify the reason it’s on. Is this wise? man Bowman Chevrolet, Inc. The Clarkston desires to assist you it is in safe and also to save your auto running in optimal shape. Therefore let’s talk around how come reset a inspect engine light, and whether you should.

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First, inspect Your Fuel Cap

It seems nearly too simple, however you desire to check the easiest thing first. Sometimes, a loosened fuel cap will reason the inspect engine light to come on. So, prior to you worry yourself with exactly how to reset your check engine light, remove the fuel lid then secure it tightly earlier on. If this is the reason your examine engine light went on, it must turn back off after ~ driving around 10 to 20 miles.

When Resetting Your examine Engine light Isn’t Wise

There might be a serious issue under the hood of your automobile that is resulting in the check engine light to come on. A qualified mechanic, like theservice staff at man Bowman Chevrolet, Inc., have the right to determine the cause of the check engine light and reset it when the issue is resolved. After ~ all, girlfriend don’t want to find yourself broken down somewhere about Waterford.

How come Reset the examine Engine Light

If you have your automobile inspected through a mechanic and it’s identified that nothing is wrong but the examine engine light continues to be on, the procedures to reset a check engine light room simple! take a look:

Steps to Reset inspect Engine Light

Turn off the ignition and also put on safety glasses and also gloves.Locate the negative terminal top top your car battery. It will certainly most often have a black cap and also a an adverse (–) symbol. The hopeful cap is red and also will have actually a positive (+) symbol.Loosen the seed on the an adverse terminal with a wrench and also pull the an adverse connector from the battery. Keep it to the side because that 30 – 60 seconds.Reconnect the an adverse cable and also tighten it through your wrench.

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Get Your vehicle Serviced at john Bowman Chevrolet, Inc.

The proficient technicians in our company center know how to reset your check engine light, but an ext importantly, know just how to troubleshoot and fix the problem causing it. If your examine engine light is comes on, take it your vehicle into john Bowman Chevrolet, Inc. To have it serviced. You can evenmake an meeting online. When you’re here, examine out ourservice specials. We’re a quick drive away from Clarkston, so drop by or call us today!