Chrysler town & country owners have reported 60problems associated to check engine light on (under the engine and engine cooling category).The many recently reported issues are provided below.Also please check out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Chrysler city & Country based on all troubles reported because that the city & Country.

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Bought the car brand-new in 2014, (it to be the 6th Chrysler minivan I"ve owned due to the fact that 1995. ) i love this minvans! this one has had an ongoing trouble with cylinder #3 misfiring and also causing violent shiver (as if it had a broken engine mount). The difficulty has constantly been diagnosed and also eventually "fixed" by three different Chrysler company departments in nc, FL & va. (the problem occured on assorted trips). The was normally diagnosed together a faulty fuel injector. Most recently it was diagnosed as a spark plug failure due to a tiny crack in the insulation. They installed a new spark plug, and after leaving dealership and driving no more than 20 miles, violent shower occured again. Ns immediatley returned to the dealership. This time #3 spark plug had actually "exploded" and caused the cylinder head come crack. Every previous repairs were spanned by the "lifetime" warranty purchased at the time of purchase in 2014. Yet this time, Chrysler insurance sent out an investigator who established that the damages was resulted in by the exploding spark plug and therefore refuse coverage. The Chrysler business technician claimed the "pcm" failed, causing the spark plug failure. The insurance allowance agent continues to deny the claim due to the fact that their policy "does not cover spark plug problems" ! they now want me to salary $2500 because that repairs. In every cases, the "check engine light" came on and also I would go back to a Chrysler dealership to have it checked. Their computer system check constantly defined the trouble as being something in cylinder #3, however inconclusive because of no noticeable engine symptoms. They would certainly reset the engine light and also send me on my way until an actual trouble occured, and then leave the auto for an ext detailed checking. Each time the problem occured in ~ highway speeds and also usually in heavy traffic ~ above I-95. . . A danger time and place because that engine problems to occur. Please note that every problem we"ve had with this vehicle has always been through cylinder #3 "misfiring". Is there a trouble here?. See all troubles of the 2015 Chrysler city & Country🔎.

I had actually the complying with replaced in June 2020: 6 spark plugs, 6 boots, and an input gasket set. The check engine irradiate is still on and it is still reading #2 misfire. Watch all difficulties of the 2012 Chrysler city & Country🔎.

The call owns a 2014 Chrysler town and also country. The contact stated that while driving roughly 45 mph, the auto started shiver abnormally, and loss engine power. The examine engine warning light to be illuminated. The auto was taken to an live independence mechanic wherein the call was notified that the number two cylinder had actually a misfire and also that the cylinder head replacement to be needed. The call called quinn motors (6747 george washington memorial hwy, gloucester, va 23061, (804) 693-2408) however, the vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. The manufacturer was informed of the failure. The approximate fail mileage to be 128,000. See all troubles of the 2014 Chrysler city & Country🔎.

Tl-the contact owns a 2013 Chrysler town & Country. The contact stated that while driving between 65-70 mph, the accelerator pedal was depressed however, hesitated come the accelerate. The automobile loss power as the inspect engine warning irradiate illuiminated. The call managed to veer come the should of the roadway depressed the brakes pedal which ended up being soft to touch. The call attempted come restarted the auto 3 extr times which climate resume ago to normal. The car was required to an live independence mechanic who diagnosed the car however could not duplicate any kind of codes. The auto was check driven but still can not to duplicate the issue. The vehicle was no repaired. The fail recurred intermittently. The climate was required to brookfield Chrysler dodge Jeep ram1845 pipestone rd, benton harbor, mi 49022 wherein the vehicle was inspected. The technician reset part codes which to be unknown. The manufacturer to be not notified of the failure. The fail mileage was approximately 130,000. Ck. Check out all troubles of the 2013 Chrysler town & Country🔎.

Check engine light come on in ~ ~95,000 for p0302 - misfire in cylinder 2 in ~ idle. The neighborhood Chryslery dealership organization department diagnosed it as low compression because of a valve issue. The deal with is left head replacement at just under $2700. This is clearly a known problem with this engine feather at various other complaints for the 3. 6l pentastar engines in the town and also country, cool caravan and also Dodge journey. No remind or service bulleting appears to be associated with this production defect. View all problems of the 2016 Chrysler city & Country🔎.

Tl the contact owns a 2015 Chrysler town and also country. The contact stated the while the car was idling in ~ a journey thru, the accelerator pedal was depressed and also the auto failed come respond. The driver stated no warning light to be illuminated. The driver had the ability to drive to a surrounding parking lot and also park the vehicle. The driver dubbed the call so the could continue driving the auto to their residence. The call stated the then competent the failure himself and additionally stated the the inspect engine warning light was illuminated. The vehicle was no drivable. The contact called arrigo Chrysler dodge Jeep ram sawgrass located at 5901 madison Ave, tamarac, FL 33321, (954) 515-5800 and were made aware of the failure. The auto had no been diagnosed or repaired as of yet. Top top investigation, the contact connected the failure with NHTSA project number: 16v461000 (power train), however the VIN was not included. The manufacturer had been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was 110,000.

Tl the contact owns a 2012 Chrysler town and also country. The call stated the while steering at miscellaneous speeds, the auto vibrated and also stalled with the examine engine and traction manage warning lights illuminated. The vehicle was restarted however, the check engine warning light remained illuminated. The car was required to an elevation mechanic who proclaimed that the solenoid and pistons failed and also needed to be replaced. The auto was no repaired. The car was not taken to a dealer. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 111,000.

Tl the contact owns a 2010 Chrysler town and country. The call stated the while steering 20 mph, the vehicle hesitated and also shuddered through the inspect engine warning irradiate illuminated. The automobile was thrust to his residence. The contact that the ignition cables were replaced. A dealer was not contacted. The car was not diagnosed no one repaired. The manufacturer had actually been informed of failure. The fail mileage to be 186,808. Check out all troubles of the 2010 Chrysler city & Country🔎.

The van shuts down during speeds between 35-40 mph. There are no warning or inspect engine lights, simply the traction light come on and also the rpm gauge goes come zero. Once the engine shut under there is no power steering or power brakes. Today once the valve shut off ns was may be to shift the vehicle into neutral, and also start it, but 20 seconds later it shut down again. Ns attempted one more time and it started. I quickly shifted right into drive to protect against being struck by one more vehicle. The van has 165,000 miles. This started happening around 2 weeks back and is intermittent. Mine wife and kids aren"t maybe to journey this van because of this safety issue.

A few weeks after gaining my oil adjusted I to be driving once the examine engine light came on. I took it to auto zone and ran a diagnostic top top the vehicle. The an outcome was a code p0520 which shows a error in the engine oil push sensor/switch electric circuit for a predetermined period of time. Most likely solution is to replace the oil press switch.

While at a red light vehicle began running rough and also check engine light came on dropped turn off at arigo evade west palm beach was told my motor has actually missfire ~ above #. 4 dealer ship said it has a cracked head . The vehicle has 98,000 miles the end of vouch no coverage or programs.

Tl the contact owns a 2012 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated when driving at various speeds, the automobile jerked and also stalled without warning. The car was towed come hatfield used auto center (1333 automall dr, columbus, oh 43228; 614-922-1333) and the call was educated that the automobile received unknown repairs. The contact stated the there to be a misfire in the engine and also that the fuel device was defective. The fail recurred several times v the v the inspect engine warning irradiate illuminated. The manufacturer was not made mindful of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was unknown.

Car wonts start has a flashing check engine light and a light bolt on vehicle has don"t this favor 10 times now. I have researched and also I viewed they had a difficulty with this same trouble once before.

Tl-tl-the call is speaking on behalf of his daughter who owns a 2014 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated the while his daughter to be driving in ~ 40 mph, the examine engine light illuminated. The automobile began to misfires while the accelerating pedal to be depressed. The call daughter managed to veer to the shoulder that the roadway where climate the contact turn the vehicle off and ago on but failed to resume earlier to normal there was still a misfires when accelerating. The vehicle was taken to the dealer(grieger"s motor sales Chrysler evade Jeep ram 1756 w us hwy 30, valparaiso, in 46385 (219) 462-4117) where it to be diagnosed the the engine required to be repaired. However, the components to perform the repairs were no available. The automobile was check driven but sitll carry out the exact same failure. The manufacturer to be made aware of the failure and informed the call that no recall was under the VIN and also to contact NHTSA to location a complaint. The failure mileage was around 100,000. Ck.

The call owns a 2011 Chrysler town and also country. The call stated the while control at various speeds, the examine engine warning light illuminated intermittently. The vehicle was taken to three elevation mechanics to be diagnosed. The contact was educated by all three mechanics the cylinder number 4 was defective. The automobile was then taken to naples evade Chrysler Jeep ram (6381 airport-pulling rd, naples, FL 34109) to be diagnosed however, the contact declined to have actually the vehicle diagnosed ~ being educated that a diagnostic fee would certainly be assessed. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was informed of the failure but offered no additional assistance. The fail mileage was around 75,000. Check out all problems of the 2011 Chrysler town & Country🔎.

I own a 2014 town and country. The examine engine light has come ~ above at around 59800 miles. Carried to mechanic and he informed me cylinder 6 to be misfiring. Upon additional investigation he claimed the cylinder head was cracked. I referred to as Chrysler since mechanic said they have prolonged warranty for this details part. I was told my year is not covered. Just up to 2013. Upon researching the trouble is tho going on. Through my year and also others. This is a huge problem and also it requirements to be addressed. Chrysler need to stand by their product and also fix these issues.

I purchase my automobile in march of 2016 for the functions of carrying 2 disabled family members members. First, check engine light to be coming on and also stated the the crankshaft sensor we"re not working. Once I would certainly drive if driving my vehicle would just shut off ns feared getting hit by various other vehicles. Climate the fuel pump relay would continue to be on ~ shutting car off until it would drainpipe the battery. After, currently my car cranks yet doesn"t begin at all. This is a hazard and dangerous what i am fear of is that this is a typical issue through these vehicles and also the concern has no been looked at by the proper department or authority. I additionally brought this worry to Chrysler where I purchase the vehicle and also they claimed they can not assist with the issue and no recalls have actually been placed in location my vehicle has to be parked for 5 month now.

For about a year the car has been providing me difficulties while its being driven. When I involved a prevent it shakes and also has cut off on me. It would restart with no problem. Climate it stopped giving me troubles for a tiny while. Climate last Thursday, I acquired off in ~ an departure from the highway and when ns braked behind a automobile at the light, it stopped a little rough. I took my foot turn off the brake to move up a bit and also the car started going backwards actual slow if it to be still in drive. I had to put the vehicle in park and turn it off for a few seconds and restart and it took me to mine destination. I"m terrified to journey it v my grandchildren yet need my vehicle. The amazes me about the complaints v this very same problem and Chrysler is no acknowledging the problem. I pray that something disastrous doesn"t happen. I have had actually this car checked repeatedly and they can discover nothing and also the inspect engine light doesn"t come on.

Car had actually a stormy idle loss of power and check engine light illuminated. Auto was diagnosed v misfire on cylinder 2 and also cracked left cylinder.

While driving my auto will seem choose it pushes ago as if the shifting gear is host back. Currently it started shaking to as I sped up on the federal government to the suggest were I can not placed my foot on the gas. The shaking last around 5 minutes and also check engine light is on. It also did not desire to start right away.

Tl- the contact owns a 2016 town and country. The call stated the the cyclinder essential to it is in replaced. The call took the car to the dealer and they to be told the head gasket needed to it is in replaced. The call took the automobile to faulkner Dodge ram (6643 carlisle pike, mechanicsburg, PA 17050) . VIN tool shown 0 unrepaired recalls. The manufacturer said the contact no components were available. The inspect engine irradiate illuminated. The failure an initial occured October 2019. The manufacturer was no made mindful of the failure. The approximate failure mileage to be 95,000.

While driving the automobile dashboard lit up favor a christmas tree and the engine totally shut off locking the wheel. After acquisition it to the dealership they discovered nothing wrong. About a month later on we were driving home from a soccer game and the car came the end of equipment while driving about 70 mph. The rpm shoot up and also I was unable to drive over 40 mph. We ended up staying the night and having the car towed to the dealership. They replaced the sensor solenoid pac. 6 months later on I to be driving home from a soccer tournament and also the same exact thing occurred again yet I had slowed the automobile down driving v a residential area and also went to rate up after ~ re-entering the highway. The rpm"s were at 4 come 5 walk 30 mph. Ns pulled over turned turn off the car and also let that sit for 5 minutes. I was able to drive normally after that , climate the inspect engine light came on. I took the car to the dealership and they said there is nothing the can do. Stored codes ecu: abs dtc: c212a16 description: stored- device voltage-circuit voltage below threshold; ecu: pcm dtc: p075a description: lc solenoid circuit ecu: dmfl/dmfr dtc: b21a1 description: stored- ecu reset/recovery occurred. I have 71,000 miles on the engine and also it"s under warranty for 13 months an ext or 28,000 miles. Please help!.

Driving ~ above freeway in ~ night # 2 lane at about 74 mph engine simply shut off was practically hit through 3 cars. Make it come shoulder engine would certainly not restart and so on (electronic throttle control) light to be illuminated. Dubbed aaa tow van driver might not start auto . Had actually van towed around 15 miles. Ns rode v tow truck. As soon as van to be dropped off gained inside come stay warm until mine ride arrived. Do the efforts again to begin van to be successful yet check engine light come on. Just bought this provided van indigenous a Honda dealer in costa mesa as a provided car. That has around 65,411 miles. Very, really dangerous virtually got fight 3 times as I make my means over to the shoulder.

Tl- the call owns a 2014 Chrysler town and also country. The call stated that once the automobile was turned on, the check engine light and the p517 password light illuminated. The contact additionally stated the while control at around 40 mph, the rear passenger"s next door opened without warning indicators. The dealer was not called and the failure was no diagnosed. The manufacturer was made mindful of the failure and also referred the contact to the NHTSA. The fail mileage was around 69,400. Fe.

Sudden engine shutoff: the engine has actually started randomly shutting off at low speed, around 20 mph, causing the strength steering and also brakes to it is in lost. There are no indicator lights, inspect engine light, or alarms in ~ all the come on, except for the skid warring light. There space no engine password recorded. The is an extremely dangerous and also cannot it is in reproduced to it is in repaired. It has actually happened several times now, double in one day, yet usually days apart. Check out all problems of the 2009 Chrysler city & Country🔎.

While traveling down hill in my neighborhood at about 15-20mph mine 2005 Chrysler town and also country close up door down. I did not notice if any kind of check engine lights come in because I to be just concentrated on not hitting noþeles or dying. Yet I did notification that the gas hand stated it was on e, the speedometer claimed 0, and also the temperature gage was at the coolest setting. The breaks stoped working fully and the steering wheel was an extremely hard to turn. If it had not been for the speed bumps in my space hood ns would have wrecked for sure. Thankfully i didn"t and also inwas able come slowy make the revolve (with a lot of effort) I necessary to at the finish of the hill. The headlights and also the radio did work-related the entire time. As soon as I to be able to prevent the van fully I rotate the vital to the off position and restated it. The did begin on the first try and also I was able to make it residence (less climate 1 mile away). Ns am now terrified to drive it since no one can number out what is wrong through it. The van has actually been maintained in great shape, oil changes, reserved maintenance, etc. And it"s never been in an accident. See all problems of the 2005 Chrysler town & Country🔎.

Vehicles to be parked in driveway go to start vehicle and it will not start, vehicle will rotate over and also act prefer it,is not getting fuel. If automobile sits for some time eventually it will start 3-4 times and then worry will take place again. Auto started through no trouble the previous day, problem occurred without any warning, no examine engine light shown on dash. When automobile is off fuel pump can be heard quiet running through ignition off and battery needs to be disconnected in bespeak to avoid fuel pump from running and not drainpipe battery. Battery is brand new, fuses have been checked and also are in good condition. In researching virtual I have uncovered others to have the same issue but have no seen any kind of recall. Had the ability to fiind feasible temporary deal with by making use of a fuel pump relay bypass however have no tried this option. . I have dubbed and talked to be Chrysler organization department and also have to be told that it here is no recall and also all I have the right to do is have car towed to them and let them check it out. I would think with recall they have actually done on Jeep and Dodge protects there would be other they have the right to tell. Same problem has developed with the dodge caravan i beg your pardon is basically the Chrysler city n country. You re welcome help!!!!!!!!!.

Check engine light on and also runs very rough in ~ idle at all times even if it is engine is cool and/or warmed up. When hooked up to a code scanner the reads a irreversible code "misfire in cylinder 3, for this reason I had all six spark plugs replaced and also the ignition coils. After ~ the brand-new parts were installed the auto still operation rough and check engine light still on even if it is cleared because of the same irreversible code "misfire in cylinder 3". After study there room "cylinder misfire" recalls for Chrysler town and country vans " because of excessive cylinder wear" on the exact same make and also model year automobile I have. I have gotten in my vehicles VIN on this site and it does not come up as my car having this recall. I have actually done even an ext research and my town and also country has the exact same engine problem as people with the misfire recall. Ns am hoping something have the right to be done.

Stopped on the road and then examine encine irradiate is on again with stopping while in the middle driving wow so dangerous some was is serious going to acquire hurt traction over then after about an hour ns tried to start and also again just started with no proble yet check engine light continues to be on . . . . Watch all troubles of the 2008 Chrysler town & Country🔎.

Was leaving work-related when my check engine light come one, together with the traction manage light and also the brakes obtained hard. Automobile stopped, turned it turn off to rotate it ago on, and it would certainly not start. Every lights, radio, etc came on, however engine would certainly not turn over or engage. Execute not think fuel pump was engaging either. Tried countless things, including the tipm bypass and also it still will not start. 90% plus of mine driving is highway. Ns got really lucky that this system failure taken place when that did, as a couple of minutes later and I would have been top top a really busy highway, and if it had actually happened on my way to work.

While travel in the midwest, cleveland, ohio, my inspect engine light come on if driving. Ns tried wait a pair of gas tanks to check out if the would rotate off automatically. That did not. Ns was scheduled to leaving cleveland, ohio and drive ago to mobile, alabama through my grandson and also daughter the weekend of Dec. 10, 2015, i felt it was prudent to have the valve looked at for the check engine light problem. Ns took the van right into washington and also lee service on Dec. 8, 2015. Castle diagnosed the problem as a fouled ignition coil, and also replaced the coil, every the spark plugs and also a gasket. I retrieved my automobile on Dec. 10, 2015 in the early afternoon. That very same evening, the inspect engine irradiate came earlier on, therefore I changed the van come them. I received a contact midafternoon the I necessary to take the automobile to a dealer for service, i beg your pardon is once I discovered out about the service bulletin concerning the engine. Ns dropped the vehicle off in ~ deacon¿s Chrysler Jeep in cleveland, ohio top top December 10, 2015 and picked it increase on December 14, 2015 in ~ approx. 6 pm. This required finding a hotel room for the duration. In addition, I necessary to certain transportation. Ns picked increase the car too late to leave that day and had to stay until the morning of Dec. 15, 2015. Upon return to mobile, alabama, the van began t shudder and also shake when braking. This has happened before and our mechanic performed the repairs. My husband chose to examine on the NHTSA website to watch if there were any other defects in the valve that consumers were not educated of. Us took the van to the autonation Chrysler Dodge, whereby we initially purchased the vehicle. The dealer established that the fix did not autumn under the company bulletin. I conflict that, the organization bulletin specifically says that the front rotor and also pads are component of the problem.

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Since the vehicle had been functioned on because that a negative intake gasket. Every time i cross any kind of rail road crossings my examine engine irradiate illuminates and also the car feels together it will stall. Ns am scared because that my family members of getting stuck, at the very least if anything walk happen, i will have actually made this report because that others.

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