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I right now own a 2003 2.5 Nissan Altima. This is my first car, and also one of the things my brothers told me I"d have to worry about is transforming the time belt
approximately 100K. I"m at this time at about 91K and also was wonder what I"m supposed to do due to the fact that I check out somewhere the the time chain lasts much longer than time belts. I"ve likewise never been to a Nissan dealership, would certainly you introduce going over there to inspect any kind of underlying problems the vehicle might have that ns don"t recognize about? I"ve had the vehicle for around 6,000 miles, and also have adjusted the Oil twice. I"m making use of Mobil High purpose of use Oil when I gain it changed. I haven"t had any significant problems through the vehicle yet. Any other assist would be appreciated, as I"m not a guru when it involves maintaining cars.
you do have actually a chain rather of a belt, v a chain I"d leave it alone till you start to right here some noise, then its more than likely a worn guide or a tensioner... Thats once I would readjust the chain (yes 2) travel guide & tensioners.
The critical Nissan motor with a belt to be the Frontier V6 3.3L. The 2.4L in the 1st and second gen Altima also has a timing chain. Nissan knows they are an ext reliable. My 2 previous dare a 1995 Nissan Hardbody(286,000 miles) and a 1992 Stanza both had actually (235,000 miles) had actually the initial timing chain. The Stanza chain failed in ~ 235k and after instead of it was choose a brand-new car. The van passed smog through the initial cat and was still within the 3 degree timing of factory setting(which method the timing chain is in an excellent condition) forced in California in ~ 286k right before I sold it.

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I used to have a 99 toyota 4runner. Ns took that in to the dealership because that a totally free oil adjust (I gained a card in the mail). Well, ns was roughly 100K miles and also the man there speak me I need to replace my timing belt and also that the would give me a deal and also replace it for $300. Ns didn"t trust the male (not like I had the money anyway) so ns took my 4runner to my mechanic and told him around it. The looked that up and found out the 4-cyl version 4runner like mine had actually a time chain, no a belt. MF"er would have actually ripped me off.
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