First that all, the information i am providing is from my suffer with a 2002 KJ (US model) your results may vary...i separation this job up into two parts, the first tearing under the dash and stuff in the way under the hood. The second removing/installing the heater core, and also re-assembling. This was accomplished in 3-5 hour occupational sessions, it is nice to have actually a helper but i go it every on my own.*WARNING* usage caution when working on/around airbags, do so in ~ your very own risk, if you are not comfortable roughly them or are not certain they will certainly be properly disabled, perform not attempt.Also if you choose to discharge your air conditioning mechanism for this, carry out it in the ideal manner. That is illegal come discharge the Freon into the atmosphere, take it to the proper mechanic because that this, or rent the tools to do it.Second, i have actually to offer partial credit to Joejeeper420, he had actually some info that provided me the trust to get startedfrom Joejeepers420"s subject on LOST:"I began by disconnecting the battery then removing the center console, climate comes the A obelisk handles; and also everything *******/clipped right into the dash... Every one of the trim around the steering wheel, the column switch, gauge cluster, and also both kick panels come out... Then the stereo and all HVAC controls. Climate the passenger next airbag came out. When that is excellent you can remove the waver bolts that are located behind the kick panels, then ns took out the center mounting bolts and also the plate. I then unscrewed the fuse/junction box at this point, climate disconnected the wire harness beginning at the brake switch and also working my method over ns fished many of it v the opening for the steering wheel. Then i disconnected the vacuum line and electrical connectors top top the passenger side that go come the blower motor and the resistor, etc and also fished them the end a bit. After that its the key bolts that go into the firewall... I never dropped the steering column... I just loosened the two 13mm? Bolts that go up and also through the bottom the the mid shaft up, they protrude just sufficient that friend can"t traction the dash in the direction of you without backing them turn off till the ends room flush. Then there areTwo 10mm washer nuts ~ above the bottom of the heater Box... And also that just about finishes off the job-related in the cabin. Climate ON to the engine bay! You need to move the coolant overflow out of the means to acquire to the one staying washer bolt ~ above the firewall and also the input calculation hoses top top the heater core... Evacuate the AC then disconnect evaporator... Back in the cabin you deserve to pull the dash ago enough come wiggle the old heater box out. Twist it ago towards girlfriend so the heater main point openings face up and also pull that out. Jump around for pleasure at this suggest and look in ~ your vehicle in disbelief however be complete of confidence since its no rocket science
once re installing take care to it is in easy and also not pressure it in... You deserve to make enough room to acquire it in without forcing it. Likewise take care when dealing with your fuse/junction box... Once I buttoned everything earlier up mine gauge swarm was dead... I had actually to reseat the connectors and also reset the battery... After that whatever should be gravy. Reap the heat!"Third - thanks goes to Diggerfreek on lost for information on taking out the facility console, dash, and also passenger side airbag/dash - note those compose ups were because that a KK but very similar to a KJi will add to this, and pictures i took.reference the adhering to threads/links:
1) attach to Joejeeper420"s info: Jeep Liberty Forum - country - View single Post - Heater Core? What to inspect / costs?2) center Console: lost JEEPS • view topic - just how TO: center CONSOLE REMOVAL3) Dash: lost JEEPS • watch topic - how TO: DASH DISASSEMBLE4) pass Dash and also airbag: lost JEEPS • check out topic - Passenger next dash D&ATools:screwdriver - flat and phillips - electric ***** driver will certainly help...3/8 drive ratchet, extensions, 10mm deep socket, 10mm regular socket, 13mm deep socket, 15mm deep and also regular socket, 15mm ratcheting or constant end wrenchpliers for hose clampstrim removal device or similar prying device (i like a putty knife) because that dash panelsT-20 screwdriver for the steering obelisk clamshellParts: (this to be for my 2002 KJ, inspect to check out what YOU require for your jeep by make and also model)Murray 93029 or equivalentmy procedures (roughly) 1) disconnect the battery2) eliminate the facility console (see above link) if you carry out this an initial you perform not require the auto shifter in neutral to get the HVAC controls out3) remove the HVAC controls and radio (note there is a sort of hidden ***** the is in the pocket whereby the ash tray is) pry the surround out v putty knife. Radio has actually 4 screws and also 3 connectors ~ above the back.

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HVAC panel has multiple connectors on the back, take your time here.5) eliminate the cover dashboard up through the windshield, pry up in ~ the leaf closest to you as you sit in the seatdrivers side:-remove the knee bolster under the steering column, the trim on each side of the pillar etc. As well as the plastic cover panel over the pedals-remove the gauge swarm trim and also the gauge swarm (phillips screws)-lower the steering column, (2) metric hex head bolts (13mm deep socket top top extensions) loosen this bolts until they are not protruding with the aluminum bracket (circled in red below)