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Sorry if this has been asked before but I just want to dual confirm. I know countless have your Hyundai accent MC running through timing belt. However, ns was to be told some of the Hyundai interval MC engine runs on timing chain. Deserve to I understand if anyone has actually Hyundai interval MC operation on timing chain and does the engine appearance looks different from engine running on timing belt. When I look in ~ the user manual service schedule it stated that the engine is running on timing chain. However, there"s one more service schedule at the back which declared that ns should business my time belt. I"m confuse now if mine Hyundai accent MC is running on belt on chain. The figure looks favor running on belt though, with the timing belt cover. I"m looking forward because that advices. Thank.


Here"s the R&R for it. I did not eliminate the valve covering or the sprockets.
If you desire to it is in super technical it has both: a belt drives one of the camshafts indigenous the crankshaft. A chain drives the 2nd camshaft indigenous the an initial camshaft.The real allude is that there is a belt, and you should keep up to day on that is maintenance. The valves will crash difficult if the belt division while you"re driving.

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