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hi guy\"s i need to understand where is situated the camshaft position sensor and the shade of the cable connector ~ above a 5.7 hemi 2008 ?? thnx

The Camshaft position sensor is located on the ideal (passenger) side of the time cover.It has actually 3 wires going come it -Dark Blue/Dark green - GroundYellow/Pink - 5 volt powerDark Blue/Gray - Signal

Interested in one of my mods?If it\"s underlined, it\"s a connect to that mods thread.2010 lamb 1500 hemi Sport, 3.92, Leather, NAV, Alpine, Sunroof, Trailer tow, Brake Contoller, behind CamMods - 3M clean protect, Decals removed, electric Tailgate Lock, Tow Hooks, Skid Plates, Bed Rug, speed Edwards Bedlocker electric Tonneau, Timbren rear SES, Tinted Tail Lights, Debadged, Grill Blacked Out, Shorty Antenna, black color Chromed Emblems, easy tinted prior windows, DS Predator, Cabin wait Filter, k & n Drop In, Mufflex (Magnaflo) DOD24M, Sonnax line pressure booster, Volant CAI​
cam sensor position
Just changed mine and also it is infinitely valuable to eliminate the EGR valve. Funny to uncover that out after having just changed it and also buttoning everything earlier up. Lesson learned
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