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Newby right here - ns really require some help!My wife and I to buy a 2011 T&C with around 118,000 miles on it about 2 month ago. It ran very well till we were beginning a long trip because that a holidays just prior to Christmas (of course). Cruising along at around 75-80 through no problems, every one of a sudden the engine starts come race. Long story short, the tranny wouldn"t walk above third gear (limp home mode), and we need to replace it. QUESTION: how plenty of quarts the the Chrysler ATF+4 go a brand-new transmission take? I have looked high and low on heat (no hand-operated in the vehicle), and also cannot find solution to this seemingly straightforward question. I"m trying to buy the fluid and filter so regarding save on costs (a great friend is law the tranny replacement).Thanks for any kind of help!

2016 Deep Cherry Dodge grand Caravan CVP (with an aftermarket RT argorial on the liftgate )Fully loaded
.... Strength steering and strength brakes.



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I wouldn"t usage Amsoil either, not due to the fact that it isn"t a an excellent oil but it is too expensive .... Poor "value"I simply posted that because it was one of the very first websites that came up once I just Googled "2011 T&C Tranny liquid capacity "See:
2016 Deep Cherry Dodge cool Caravan CVP (with one aftermarket RT argorial on the liftgate )Fully loaded
.... Strength steering and strength brakes.
I wouldn"t use Amsoil either, not due to the fact that it isn"t a good oil however it is as well expensive .... Bad "value"I simply posted that due to the fact that it was among the an initial websites that come up when I simply Googled "2011 T&C Tranny fluid capacity "
Scamsoil is no certified for our vehicles, therefore no, is not a good product because that our vehicles. Let"s shot not come confuse new members.
Thanks to everyone for her help. I ended up gaining 9 quarts of ATF+4 at Wallyworld because that $4.72 every (vs. $2 much more at O"Reilly"s and having to rob ft Knox because that Amsoil).Will choose up the van later today, heard the it is running just fine.
Welcome come the website ancesthntr. I have used Walmart (Supertech) ATF+4 in my Chrysler vehicles for plenty of years with good success. Check out the 1994 van in mine signature :thumb:
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