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At present we own a 2008 cool caravan through a 3.8V6 engine. We room interested in discovering if it can be modification to traction a little (19"/21") travel trailer. Complete weight would certainly be 3,800/4,500 lbs. So far we have been told every little thing from "it have the right to be excellent for around $2,500", come "it absolutely can"t be done". Us intend top top installing fill leveling shocks, oil and transmission coolers, a brake controller, a weight distribution hitch and also anti-sway bars. Please recommend your opinion as shortly as feasible as we simply saw a trailer we are interested in. Thanks...

I wouldn"t try towing something that large with a mini van. I literally just picked up a HTT in the weight range. Mine 2012 Tundra did a great job however it knew it was there. I think it was an ext related to the wind resistance than the load load, just the exact same I wouldn"t want any type of smaller that a TV doing it!Check the publication for your van, i bet the rating is rather low. Simply throwing AM parts at it to boost towing volume isn"t going to gain you whereby you should be (at the very least I doubt it an extremely much).Good luck!

I watched a van that size towing what looked prefer a 21-22" trailer begin to fishtail when going under a lengthy hill. It obtained worse and the driver shed it. The trailer flipped and came apart choose a crate of matches dumped on the road. All the components were strewn end both lanes. This to be on a Friday afternoon at the start of a lengthy weekend. Luckily the van didn"t flip, but it went nose very first off the side of the road right into a ditch. The trailer framework was out behind the closing both lanes the traffic. You need to remember every the load in the valve is in the front. When the trailer starts to sway, you have lost control and the lighter back of the van will just follow the trailer. Ns would never ever even consider towing heaver 보다 a small tent trailer v any kind of former wheel drive vehicle. The longer and heaver the trailer is, the greater the opportunity you will be taking.

A an extremely poor idea. Chrysler to adjust the max rating for a minivan favor yours in ~ 3000 lbs, and also even the is advertise the envelope. I would certainly not think anybody who said it might be boosted to 4000-5000 lbs. The lacks adequate suspension, pulling power and also brakes.

Minivans are constructed on a car, not a truck chassis. None of them are good tow vehicles. Market the minivan and also buy a good half ton full size pickup because that a trailer of the size and weight.
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Thank girlfriend all. Not what we wanted to hear, but we would rather stay safe 보다 be sorry. Since the van isn"t payment for, ns guess ours summer of fun in a take trip trailer will need to be put off for awhile. Again, thanks to all.

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Sally Koons said:
Thank friend all. Not what we wanted to hear, but we would quite stay safe 보다 be sorry. Because the valve isn"t paid for, i guess ours summer of funny in a travel trailer will have to be put off because that awhile. Again, many thanks to all.
Sally....I recognize it"s disappointing, yet safety constantly comes first. There space some lightweight popup trailers that could fit right into the vans towing capabilities.