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My Caliber cannot pass state inspection v the light on. We"ve bring away it come a mechanic who stated he found no difficulties with the car. We"ve tried acquisition the negative cable off for 30 minutes. We"ve tried pressing the accelerator three times through the key in the ~ above position. We"ve tried acquisition it to AutoZone, but they stated they couldn"t reset the codes. It"s pulling the following codes :: P0522, P0500, P161BAgain, the mechanic checked these out and found no issues.Background :: The inspect engine light came on after having actually my battery replaced. The guy at AutoZone didn"t tighten the cables down and also the positive cable slipped off. The auto lost electrical power and also the light has actually been on ever since. The dealer wants $110 just to see us. Any type of ideas?

P0522 - oil push switch problem, perhaps stuck in the turn off position, or damaged wire.P0500 - does not appear to be a Chrysler codeP161B - Transmission regulate module difficulty due come battery disconnection.The P161B is virtually certainly a dealer trip. (for every little thing reason, in layman"s state the TCM "lost that mind")

The CEL won"t reset as long as the problem is quiet there. Sounds choose your mechanic is stupid. Whenever you have multiple codes it can usually it is in traced come one thing that has actually an overlapping connection to the others. In this situation it sounds like a bad connection somewhere. Could be a bad ground, corroded connector, or damaged cable harness. Had actually an accident ~ above the driver"s former side?
BradAfter 9+ years, 99% of all possible questions have been 100% answered. They"re here, it just takes some coaxing.
No accidents, yet I have had actually to have actually the positive and negative connections changed three times from corrosion. The relations on it currently are new, and also in good condition.

No accidents, however I have had to have actually the confident and negative connections replaced three times from corrosion. The relationships on it currently are new, and in good condition.
I"m not referring to the battery connections. I typical the sensor connections. This might be everywhere from the sensor itself all the way back come the PCM (computer).
BradAfter 9+ years, 99% of all possible questions have been 100% answered. They"re here, it simply takes part coaxing.

The P161B error is a checksum error. Basically this method that the data in the transmission manage module has been corrupted. The only fix because that this is for the dealer come reprogram the flash memory in the module - unfortunately, no self help here."Has the battery or TCM been disconnected v the ignition in the top top or Accessory position?"A quote native the company manual. This is a fine known difficulty with computer controlled cars. The only time the is "safe" come disconnect the battery is when the car is turn off and also the key out of the ignition.Possibly one more reason to look for out another mechanic.

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HiDKaz is right - removed the optimistic can reason some errant codes, no real problem, just corrupt data, prefer windows no shutting down properly. Additionally the corrosion, just obtained ours earlier from the stealership today, after approximately $ 1000 in repairs to corroded wires in the vehicle drivers foot area, and on my side replacing part probably good components based on codes generated, at a far less expensive rate than the stealership. Prior to this ring of tossing money at the caliber, i have redone the harness from the TIPM come the dash, found numerous frayed and corroded wires, and also the relay crate that sit in the front of the wheel well v a nice tiny cut out for things to obtain onto it and also start the eco-friendly sickness, and also selective operation within the engine compartment.So with every one of these corroded connections, ns ,as well together the dealer can not clean the codes( if any were generated)until the wires were fixed, this might be your problem as well, time consuming and also you have to take the vehicle apart a bit, yet may assist in the end as the dealers charge roughly $100 an hour and are not really compelled to rush things. In the finish it may require a reset, we gained the dealer come pay for a 150 kilometre tow back as it died again after gift fixed, we are demanding a reset and also any updates(flash) they stated did no exist before the warranty to be up, we kept all service records.We will also call evade Canada and raise a stink. Therefore if you know someone or have the right to trace the wires that will more than likely save numerous money, before the remainder which a flat rate, at the very least it is increase here.