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I am trying to locate the liquid Reservoir on my 2008 Malibu. I have actually 2.4L ecotec.Can anyone help?I have a funny shower in the steering pillar when i am sit at a stoplight. Also when ns am driving it seems to jump the end of mine hands.Not certain what is going on but would favor to inspect the fluid levels before I send the automobile in to be serviced.
That would explain why I could not find it!Where would certainly I situate the sensor? Is it straightforward to adjust out?
10183A consist of the instead of of the motor for "08"s 10 years/150,000 miles. If you afternoon me the last 8 that the VIN, I"ll verify coverage.
Is this something that a residence repair guy have the right to do or have to it go earlier to the dealer? This is really beginning to bounce approximately now?How lot would the price be in Canada because that the repairs if the did?

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My 08 did the exact same thing. Take it come the dealer, make them drive it and see it. It"s not taken into consideration to it is in under a typical warranty, but some kind of "special coverage".(I think that way it doesn"t happen to every Malibu"s, but if it wake up to yours they will resolve it)They changed the power steering motor, but I think it to be my sensor still. The steering wheel doesn"t shake anymore, but it feels loosened as hell now...They drove that once and also said they discovered nothing. I told castle I would certainly come put more gas in it and to please journey it again, it to be a safety issue for me. It would certainly shake and slip going 5 mph, or 75 mph.No fees unless you acquire a rental!
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