mine door locks and also keyless keypad won't lock or unlock doors. If I acquire a new DDM will I need to program it and also how is the done?

Hello, I'm Danny.

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No, the brand-new module will certainly not should be programmed. Just plug and also play. The module is situated in the peak front of driver door. If girlfriend have vital fobs those will most likely need to be reprogrammed. Below is the tutorial because that reprogramming the crucial fobs:https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/how-to-re-program-a-key-remote-fobHope this helps and also thanks for utilizing aramuseum.org.

component # 3W1t-13C791-AJ. I have found comparable parts yet not the specific same part number. Will other part number's work and where is the finest place to uncover one?Thank girlfriend

Hello again.Have friend taken the door panel turn off to verify the part number on the module? right here is a tutorial showing how to carry out so:https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/door-panel-removalI've attached snapshot steps below for your auto how to eliminate the panel. The part number because that the module looks actual close and also only off by 1 letter which is 3W1T-13C791-AH. I've attached a picture of that below as well. Store us updated. Expect this helps and thanks again for making use of aramuseum.org.Danny-


Hello Danny, I have actually just supplied Forscan to examine for DTC's there room no errors so prior to I purchase a replacement it appears there is an open up circuit going to the locks. Sometime they all duty properly then the circuit quits again. Carry out you have the wiring diagram that controls the circuit? Or any kind of other proposal for troubleshooting would be helpful.Thanks, Charlie
Hello again.Okay, right here is the wiring diagram friend requested. I've reduced it in half so you have the right to view larger so the overlaps. Keep us updated as to what you find and we'll go from there. Hope this helps and thanks again for using aramuseum.org.Danny-
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