Overheating is the worst point that can happen to her Jeep Commander’s transmission. One overheating transmission will significantly shorten its organization life. If you suspect that your transmission is overheating, law something about it now can keep friend from an expensive transmission repair later. Short transmission fluid is the number one reason of one overheating transmission.

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Allowing her Commander’s infection to overheat because that any period of time can damage it in the same means that driving with an overheating engine deserve to hurt the engine. It is necessary to recognize the symptoms and also causes of one overheating transmission.




Prevent (Fix) Overheating



Transmission Overheating Symptoms: Jeep Commander

Here room the most typical symptoms of one overheating transmission:

1. Slipping

Slipping is a problem that occurs once your Commander’s engine revs higher than intended together the transmission’s internal materials fail to move the power to the driveshaft(s). An overheating transmission is the most common reason why a transmission will slip.

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2. Charred or Dirty transmission Fluid

If the transmission fluid looks dirty or burnt, it must be adjusted right away. This is an indication that the infection may have actually overheated at part point. The fluid will no longer be able to do its task the means it could when that was new (higher temps, most likely to slip).

Here’s much more on telling what is walk on through your transmission based on the color.

Transmission Overheating Causes: Jeep Commander

Here room the most common causes of one overheating transmission:


1. Low Fluid/Bad Fluid

Low transmission fluid is the most usual reason the your Jeep Commander’s transmission will overheat under normal operation. The liquid that is left need to workmuch harder. The overworking transmission fluid will overheat and also lose its ability to cool run the infection quickly, which just makes the trouble worse.

If the transmission fluid is overdue for a adjust it may have actually lost its ability to appropriately cool the transmission. Spring a the color and sticking v Jeep’s transmission maintenance schedule is crucial to lengthy transmission life.

2. Climate

Extreme heat can test her Commander’s cooling system. As soon as it’s really hot out it reasons your transmission fluid to warmth up and breakdown faster 보다 in regular conditions. Always use the liquid recommended through Jeep.

3. Towing

If you room using your Commander come tow or haul, it’s lot harder top top the transmission than common operation. Some huge trucks to be designed to tow with heavy duty transmissions and a cooling system designed because that the job. Even then, they still must follow a more rigorous maintenance schedule.

4. Hefty Use

Stop and go web traffic in the city, or run and gun form delivery job-related will reason an automatic transmission to work-related harder than normal, this can cause it come overheat. Make sure to save an eye on the fluid and also get a cooler if needed.

5. Cooling mechanism Issues

Automatic transmission liquid is cooled v the same radiator the the antifreeze goes through. If over there is other wrong v the radiator, it’s not going to properly cool the transmission fluid.

If her automatic transmission has actually been overheating, take a look in ~ the front of the radiator and also make certain that that is clean and cost-free of big debris (think plastic grocery store bag). It only takes a 2nd and have the right to save you a most time.

6. Solenoid Issues

Transmission are complete of solenoids. Solenoids control the shifts by regulation the infection fluid/pressure. They additionally let transmission liquid in. If a solenoid is exhilaration up, girlfriend may get the inspect engine light, and also the transmission will certainly overheat. This is due to there being plenty of liquid in the infection pan, yet not sufficient going wherein it demands to go in the transmission itself.

Hot to stop Transmission Overheating

Preventing her Jeep Commander’s transmission from overheating can save girlfriend from a very expensive repair. Below you’ll find some valuable tips for doing simply that.

Take treatment of the infection Fluid

Taking care of your transmission fluid is the number one point that you deserve to do to save your infection from overheating.

Check the Fluid– check the transmission liquid often. If the color looks off go ahead and change it. If it’s low add fluid. This will keep most transmissions native overheating. Follow the maintenance Schedule– complying with Jeep’s scheduled company times will store your transmission operation like new and dissipating heat properly. If the fluid overstays its welcome, it can go bad and also start to shed its efficacy, and the transmission will certainly overheat. Make sure It’s Full– transmission fluid’s main job is to dissipate heat. As with antifreeze, if there isn’t sufficient of it your transmission will overheat. Check the level often. This is the most usual reason the a transmission will certainly overheat.

Aftermarket Oil Pan

An aftermarket oil pan can assist by allowing much more transmission fluid to cycle v your Commander’s transmission. This lets it run cooler because the extra fluid method there is more to cycle through and heat up, which consequently will make it take longer to heat the transmission up (or overheat it). The can also cool the pan letting the transmission run cooler overall.

External transmission Cooler

A usual transmission cooler. This one is make by B&M

As long as her Commander is stock and used in the means the manufacturer intended, girlfriend shouldn’t need to include an outside transmission liquid cooler. But, if you space towing or live in very warm climate that tests the infection constantly, an exterior transmission cooler can aid keep your infection cool.

External transmission coolers are relatively affordable and also easy come install. If you space doing a lot of of heavy towing, you might wish to take into consideration a higher capacity transmission pan too. But, an external transmission cooler proactively cools the infection fluid and also makes a noticeable difference in the transmission temperature, and also is commonly easier to install than the infection pan.

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Conclusion: Commander infection Overheating

Overheating can significantly shorten your transmission’s life. Check the liquid often and including extra cooling if required can assist it live a lengthy trouble complimentary life. If there is anything the you would choose to add, please feel totally free to leave a comment below. Say thanks to you for reading.