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I have a 2005 Odyssey through 66,000 top top it. I purchased the auto used and don"t believe the ATF was ever changed. I recently had actually it come the dealer for a recall. They must have actually checked the ATF fluid and said it needs changed ASAP. I checked the dipstick myself and it look at awfully dark. Not reddish. My concerns is have to I perform a complete flush or is a dump and also refill sufficient? I"ve review the ATF articles here but can"t reach a conclusion. Any kind of thoughts? thanks in advance.
Since Honda ATF was claimed to be readjusted at 30K miles, her van is method overdue because that a full ATF replacement. This is easy to do.Get 10 quarts that Honda ATF.Do a 3 X drain and refill. Drive around for 10 minute after every refill.
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Thanks because that the advice. I was sorta leaning to a complete replacement because of the dark shade of the ATF.

Thanks because that the advice. Ns was sorta leaning to a full replacement due to the fact that of the dark color of the ATF.
You might not recognize that you cannot "sorta" do a "total replacement" because the full volume the ATF is about 8.3 quarts and also it does not all drainpipe empty once you eliminate the drainpipe plug.You can only drain about 3.5 quarts in ~ a time -- the rest continues to be trapped inside. This method that need to you drain and also refill and then, in between, run thru the gears to mix up the ATF and also then drain and refill again, and also again, in order to continue to dilute the old ATF.Three drains and also refills will offer you around 81% brand-new ATF; 4 drains and refills around 89% brand-new ATF; 5 drains and refills about 93.5% new ATF; and so on.There are other short articles that describe a procedure wherein you introduce brand-new ATF into a running infection that is concurrently draining -- but this is a bit more complicated.
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a procedure wherein you introduce brand-new ATF right into a running transmission that is at the same time draining -- however this is a bit much more complicated.
Sounds more complicated but ns think will become much easier and also quicker 보다 4x Drain and Fill.
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Just indigenous of warning. Once a transmission has actually NEVER had actually its fluid changed it will construct up a significant amount that sludge, yet the transmission appears to operate fine because the sludge accumulates over time, and hides it crevasses or wall surfaces that room not influenced by the main flow of liquid ....until friend actually readjust the fluid. One concept is the the new fluid loosens increase the gathered sludge, and then this sludge gets caught in one or much more of the many crucial hydraulic channels throughout the the system. This leader to transmission failure, usually within the following 20-40K miles.One analogy:Imagine a flow of polluted water. Let"s usage visible contamination like garbage, logs and branches. As these pollutants were included to the river, they uncovered a organic resting area ~ above the flow bed, the shoreline, or got stuck on rocks in the center of the river. No one of these pollutants inhibited the circulation of the water, due to the fact that they were slowly included to the mechanism over time, and also the areas with the most water circulation (such as the center of the river) never allowed these pollutants come settle. Yet that does not median the river is not polluted. Just because the water appears clean, and also it is still flow does not mean that the river bed, and shoreline are cost-free of contaminants. This is the current status the a transmission that has actually never had actually its fluid change din end 60K miles.Now imagine if girlfriend will, the you include an agent that "loosens" all the pollutants in ~ the bottom of the river and also on the coastline ALL at THE same TIME. This would reason the contaminates to enter the key water stream. Now there is a greater tendency for this pollutants come inhibit a vital area of circulation somewhere in the center of the river. Human being who think in this theory likewise suggest that if the transmission liquid has never been changed for one extended duration such as 60K+ miles, then the finest thing to do is to NOT adjust the fluid, due to the fact that this will actually offer you one more 40-60K miles prior to transmission fail which would be a much better situation than had you readjusted the fluid.In both situations, you"re heading towards a brand-new transmission. The choice is even if it is you believe that a tranny flush will certainly loosen enough crap to actually damage the infection sooner than had actually you left that alone.
2007 Odyssey Touring Navi/Res Dark Cherry/Ivory - Viper 5701 LE Remote start w/ lull Closure & full regulate of side doors and lift door (one FOB!) - Installed- 2 extra Viper 2-way Remotes (7251V)- Purchased and also Programmed- RES DVD video on Navi display using NavTV (RGBHON+) - Installed- 3M home window Tint on front doors (20%) and also Windshield (45%)- Installed- Amsoil 100% fabricated 0W-20 engine Oil (ASMQT)- Honda care 8yr/120,000 mile extended warranty - Purchased- Spare tire & Jack - Installed- Fender well trim (08P21-SHJ-100) - Installed- shade Matching Door edge Guards - Installed- dirt Flaps (08P00-SHJ-101) - Installed- trunk Liner - Installed- Hella 80W low beam bulbs (HLA-H83170031) - Installed- 17" distinct Edition SE-14 dePAX Replacement wheels - Installed- Polycarbonate Hub Centric ring from (64.1/79.5) - Installed- Aftermarket Honda Emblem facility Cap Decals - Installed- GoodYear Fortera TripleTred (235/60R17) - Installed- Dead Battery - changed Under Warranty- prior Driver"s side Seat ago Squeak - addressed Under Warranty- Driver"s next Sliding Door Creak (TSB #06-003) - resolved Under Warranty- Fog light Adjustment - solved Under Warranty- delay When shifting from R to D (TSB #07-063) - addressed Under Warranty- torque Converter Shutter (TSB #09-053) - addressed Under Warranty- scrape on behind Tailgate74891-SHJ-A91ZL & 74892-SHJ-A61ZL - replaced Panels- Passenger side AC Vent Decal absent - resolved Under Warranty- Driver"s Side home window Auto Roll-up issue - fixed Under Warranty- RES Headphones Not functioning (TSB# 07-084) - fixed Under Warranty- crucial FOB #1 stopped Working - fixed Under Warranty- Brake Pedal feel Soft (TSB# 07-045) - resolved Under Warranty- Driver"s Side center Row seat Rattle - fixed Under vouch after fourth time- Groaning Noise indigenous Brakes When warm (TSB #06-024) - can not reproduce with aftermarket wheels!- Peeling repaint on rear lift door on the lip above the license plate 74892-SHJ-A61ZL addressed Under Warranty- cracked leather on driver"s seat bottom on the side encountering the door. - addressed Under Warranty- large glove compartment door does no close flush - addressed Under Warranty- PCM update - solved Under Warranty- scrape on B obelisk garnish created when dealer changed the front seat - addressed Under Warranty- Tailgate Gas Struts Failing - fixed Under Warranty- gap on Dashboard roughly Airbag (TSB #09-017) - Pending ~ dealer replaced the airbag cover!- within Door take care of on sliding Door sticking in Open/Close position - Pending