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I"ve been driving this 2000 Pontiac grand Prix SE for 3 years together my firm car till last month when the firm decided they want to retiree it, i bought it, an excellent car. Up to currently the oil changes were excellent at a garage the firm had one account with. Two weekends ago I changed the oil myself and found miscellaneous that"s puzzleing me. The owners manual states that my SE"s 3.8 liter engine should hold 4.5 quarts. ~ the oil change, consisting of replacement the the correct AC Delco PF47 oil filter, 4.5 quarts was just touching the bottom reminder of the emboldened stick. 5 quarts mirrors the vehicle one quart low, 6 quarts mirrors the vehicle with the exactly oil level. I had actually the car to my neighborhood GM dealer for part required organization last week and also asked lock to make sure every little thing was alright, i.e. Correct dip stick, correct dip stick tube, or noþeles else. The prize I got was to wait 2 minutes prior to checking and also the level is fine. Contradictory to their organization technicians belief, I"m not an idiot, and can examine my own oil level. There were 5 quarts in the car at the time and two minutes or two days doesn"t make a distinction the emboldened stick shows one quart low! Is the number top top the stick above the full mark the part number? and also if so what must it be. Could this engine actually host 6 quarts that oil? Any help out there? Please?
I"ve i found it an amazing thing through my 3100 engine. If I check the oil instantly after turning off the engine, it review 1 cup lower (one hole) than if ns wait an hour and also check it again. I deserve to only assume the the oil galleries lose their oil (into the pan) end an extended duration of time. 1 cup isn"t 1-1/2 quarts, though. As soon as I change the oil and also filter, I simply drop 5 quarts into it (even despite it says 4.5 quarts), and also it appears to be just about right. 6 quarts does sound high. I"ll be interested in finding the end what you eventually discover.Didn"t provide you my dipstick number because it"s the 3100 engine, and it can be different.Regards, Gary in Sandy Eggo
Oil does take it awhile come drain back into the pan after running the engine because that any duration of time. For this reason you have to wait at the very least 2 minutes after to run the engine to examine the oil. Yet like gary said, 1 quart short is a little much.Factory fill have to be 4.5 quarts v a dry oil filter - in other words, if you to fill the oil filter with oil prior to installing it, you have to only need to put 4 quarts in. (oil filters hold approximately .5 quart)Dipsticks can additionally be sensitive to the levelness of the surface ar you room parked on. That can be something come look into.

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I typically use a small bit much less than 5 litres, i m sorry is right around 5 quarts. Miscellaneous is wierd there. Does it read an ext after girlfriend let the sit overnight? If so, you could have a clogged oil collection in the head that drains slowly.Steve
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That would be common for it to read higher overnight. Oil coats the whole interior of the engine, and also it doesn"t every drain back for some duration of time.Of course, i don"t think it must be as much as 1 quart though.

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Hi,I"m new to the club,I"m generally on society GP and OQCGP however I to be told that this is an informative and freindly site.I have a trouble with mine oil capacity also,except mine is the contrary of this issue.I purchase the GTP in August and have excellent 4 oil changes myself because i acquired it.Each time i did it, 4 litres would always make it overfull,I done it v ramps, and also while it was level on the ground(I did the today).While an altering the oil this day I supplied the the longer filter and 4 litres.I took it for a drive and checked the level and also as normal it"s end by a 1/4 litre.I asked the dealer around this issue and also I was just wasting my time there,he didn"t seem come concerned.Before ns bought the vehicle from the initial owners this was the dealer that always readjusted the oil and serviced it,so ns figured they"d understand of any kind of issues through the oil changes but no luck.Any one have any kind of ideas or hear of anything prefer this before?Thanks Blair
Oil Filter holds 1/2 qt and likewise if her engine dried it will take another 1/2 qt.If you change your oil ~ above cold engine and also will examine your engine in less than 5 minute it will display low..
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basically i recognize it takes 4.5, but i constantly put a little an ext in though to carry it increase on the line. I don"t advise putting in more than 5 though. The gtp is going to leak it out anyway
, well atleast for me anyways
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Hello,I don"t understand if this is relevant or not. But.....I constantly make sure my engine is warm when changing my oil. This helps to ensure the contaminants will be removed as thouroughly as have the right to be.I"m wondering if the volume comes to in question are due to transforming your oil when the engine is cold.....IF there is any kind of amount of settling, the "sludge" in ~ the bottom will not drain out together easily, leaving behind a measurable quantity of substance.Using a PF47, the 3800 need to take around 4.5qts.Using a PF52, the 3800 have to take around 5qts.Later now,Clint
The engine was hot when I readjusted it and I provided the longer filter (PF52).I put 4 litres in and also it put it slightly end the full mark.I guess I"ll get the dealer to change it following time to check out what lock find.Thanks Blair
i always have mine warm, yet i don"t have it too exceptionally hot. I don"t feel prefer burning my hands every up. I simply open that up and and let it drain while ns drink me a cold one

_________________________charlieblack 98 gtp sedan, 222,000 and running good with the brand-new used tranny! zzp 3" d/p aluminizeddhp 1.0
My engine is leaking as well
How typical for L67 head gasket to leak oil?What about front/real seals?
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