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What is one acceptable over the counter transmission liquid to add to mine transmission, i would favor to carry out a drain and also fill, so would be adding around 4 quarts. I check out that any Dexron 3 compatible is fine then i review that it will certainly kill the transmission. Artificial or no?

If real NISSAN Matic S ATF is no available, genuine NISSAN Matic J ATF may also be used. Utilizing automatic transmission fluid other than real NISSAN Matic S ATF or Matic J ATF can reason deterioration in driveability and automatic transmission durability, and also may damage the automatic transmission, i m sorry is not spanned by the NISSAN brand-new vehicle minimal warranty. But you don"t must buy actual Nissan ATF. Valvoline Maxlife ATF and also Castrol Multi-import ATF space a an excellent alternative so synthetics room OK come use.

NissanMatic "S" and also "J" ATF are man-made ATF and kind "J" is the exact same as Castrol Transmax Multi-import ATF, together Castrol makes the ATF for Nissan. Carry out not use Dexron III/Mercon! many synthetics will work-related fine; just make certain they to speak they space recommended for use in NissanMatic type "J" and "S" applications. I"ve been making use of Valvoline Maxlife ATF in two R51 Pathfinders for several years without any type of problems.

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