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2012 honda odyssey firing order.having arbitrarily misfire and also want come make certain I am looking at #2 and also #4.Thanks id 5FNRL5H64CB 085595

2012 honda odyssey firing order.having arbitrarily misfire and want come make sure I to be looking at #2 and #4.Thanks i would 5FNRL5H64CB 085595

looks prefer the coils ~ above cylinder 2 and 4.try swapping the coils around (note the locations) and also see if the trouble recurs ~ above those a find for the over codes top top this forum, you"re absent a 0 after the P, you will uncover lots of space 5 digits
Check the spark plugs... If they space oil fouled, you have the piston ring issue cause by the VCM system. Lots of information on here about that. Good luck!-Charlie
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So true i was not awake this morning once I replied.The codes are with a PO302 and also PO304 and I am searching for the cylinders .I have actually seen so plenty of pictures and they space all different. I am no using any type of oil so ns am hoping the rings space ok. I have actually a Muzzler ordered.It has not arrived however will be placed on asap.With 180000 top top the van need to I simply replace every one of the coils,and i am not sure if plugs have actually been replaced. Ns will most likely do the replacement too. I arrangement on having actually the van for a lengthy time. Ns am using it to replace a 06 Odyssey with 459850 mile on it. And it doesn"t use any kind of oill..I recently had some slippage through the tranny when passing someone.So I have actually been taking it easy.I drive it smooth and also steady and also it still goes ok. My critical 4 cars have all been Odysseys. But bad luck through them. Had an 09 Odyssey crash as soon as a human ran a avoid side. Collection off wait bag ~ above the side. Ins totalled. Used what they provided me in a negotiation to obtain a 10 Odyssey.It to be totalled once 3 deer ran throughout the road and I swerved and lost control and also hit a guardrail .Set turn off Driver bag and was wasted.Just obtained the 2012 Odyssey for a steal the a deal for $6200.But has 180000 miles.Which not scare me.I got a carfax report which confirmed a many of consistent maint.But not certain of any significant work completed,like timing belt,water pump,tighener replaced.So ns will obtain it done at 200000.Thanks for your help.....