2006 Mustang Overview:

The 2006 Mustang differed small from the 2005 model year. The GT preserved its revised 4.6L SOHC V8 through 300 horsepower and also 320ft/lbs that torque. The base version came standard through a 4.0L Cologne V6 through 210 horsepower and also 240ft/lbs the torque. 2006 was the first year because that the optional Ford Pony package that added grille-mounted fog lamps, 17"" wheels, a spoiler and extra exterior decals and striping. A few new color and audio options were added for both trim levels, but kept the S197 body layout with the retro-futuristic design philosophy the was motivated by an initial generation Mustangs. The finest power output and exterior design that the Mustang has had in years caused an explode of performance and exterior components to overwhelming the aftermarket. Phase 3 Motorsports carries end a thousands parts, particularly designed to get the most out that the 2006 S197s.

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2006 Mustang Aftermarket power Parts:

Impressive power gains because that both the V6 and also V8 deserve to be uncovered with the enhancement of just a few bolt-on accessories. Anyone brand-new to aftermarket power enhancements, or those v bone stock Mustangs, must start the end with among Stage 3"s countless cold wait intakes. Cold air intakes (CAI) offer the engine up to an extra 10 horsepower with the usage of performance air filters, insulated inlet tube and committed heat shields that work-related together to provide huge amounts the cool fee air straight to the engine. Part CAI systems need custom engine tuning in stimulate to prevent engine damage and also to produce even more horsepower and torque. Us recommend using stage 3"s own custom tuning that qualifies you because that our commitment Tunes routine where you deserve to receive complimentary tunes for life ~ above selected commodities purchased from stage 3 Motorsports. Brand-new throttle bodies because that both the GT and V6 can generate one more 10 speech by making use of larger, more efficient valves the allow far better airflow into the entry manifold. The 4.6L V8s that the GTs have the right to get earlier another 10 or therefore horsepower with a set of underdrive pulleys. Underdrive pulleys are smaller, lighter replacements for the cast iron pulleys ~ above the belt-driven accessories and also reduce traction on the belt which lets the engine produce much more power at the flywheel.

2006 Mustang aftermarket exhaust upgrades: The exhaust systems of the S197s have a modular architecture that incredibly easy to customize. Both the exhaust note and overall horsepower deserve to be substantially upgraded v a few aftermarket parts. Vast sound improvements can easily be bolted on v an axle-back device for both GTs and also V6s. Many axle-back kits include brand-new mufflers or muffler deletes v large, stylized tips. Most axle-backs deserve to be set up in under an hour as straight replacements because that the share mufflers and also tips. Axle-backs don"t offer much extra horsepower, yet GT owners can get substantial power gains v an aftermarket Mustang mid-pipe. Many mid-pipes either have actually an ""x"" or ""h"" configuration v either high-flow catalytic converters or finish catalyst deletes incorporated into your designs. Depending on their separation, personal, instance specifications, power mid-pipes can boost total calculation by 10 come 20 horsepower. The share exhaust manifold is additionally extremely inefficient and causes loads of earlier pressure, but can be changed with a set of headers come round the end the S197"s exhaust system. Headers deserve to come in a short tube ""shorty"" configuration that feature tubing that straight replaces the exhaust manifold and hooks right into the stock mid-pipe, or together full-length lengthy tube headers that stretch native the engine"s exhaust ports to underneath the Mustang whereby they mate with a brief mid-pipe indigenous the very same brand. Stage 3 has a selection of header and also mid-pipe mix kits the make the process more simple while offering gains of up to 30 horsepower. Some headers and also mid-pipes might not fulfill emissions needs in her area. Check your neighborhood emissions guidelines prior to ordering.


2006 Mustang taking care of upgrades and brake parts: providing the extremely powerful Ford Mustang even much more horses and also torque calls for a suspension package that deserve to handle the excessive forces of power driving. Phase 3 Motorsports" finest bang for your buck when it involves handling is a collection of lowering springs. Despite having slightly different designs, lowering springs function by using giving the Mustang a lower facility of gravity usage a progressive spring rate to alleviate body roll and lateral instability. We sell a variety of complete brake kits here at stage 3 from gyeongju brands choose Wilwood, ROUSH and also Baer that placed their names come the check on high power track cars. Most of our brake kit come with massive calipers, boosted rotors and also uprated brake lines all purpose-built for the fastest applications possible. Much better traction is a useful necessity with horsepower enhancements, and the Nitto NT555 is the perfect solution. The NT555 ultra-high performance summer tire is our preferred tire and also uses a complicated tread pattern and internal style that offers an excellent balance that handling and also traction because that the track without developing tons the noise, vibration and harshness for everyday drivers. Call Stage 3 Motorsports because that the recent tire pricing and size availability. 2006 Mustang exterior upgrades: The S197 is the many stylish item of hardware to come the end of Ford"s factory in a lengthy time, and also the aftermarket responded through a totality host the exterior body pieces and kits the make the 2006 Mustang look also better. The many cost-effective body piece for the S197 are quarter home window louvers or side home window scoops indigenous DG practice Auto give your Mustang an aggressive or old-school look and also are pre-painted to enhance your car"s paint. Stage 3"s most well-known aftermarket body piece is the ROUSH finish front fascia. This official ROUSH Aero-body product has an aggressive lower grille design with additional side scoops and also fog lamp that give the whole front chassis a mean, aggressive look. Because that an even an ext original look, combining one of our many full human body kits with our list of over 60 different wheels will provide you endless selections of styling and also exterior theme.


2006 Mustang supercharger kits: The best means for a 2006 Mustang to gain a substantial increase in both horsepower and also torque in one dropped swoop is a ROUSH Supercharger system. ROUSH offers two various supercharger equipment for 2006 Mustangs. The M90 ROUSHcharger is the smaller and cheaper alternative of the two, and has the capability to push the 4.6L V8 of the GT up to 435 horsepower through 400ft/lbs that torque. The M90 is fantastic system because that the day-to-day driver who wants an ext power or because that autocross and other light-duty monitor applications. Pushing the Mustang"s V8 come its pure limit calls for the ROUSH R2300 Single-Belt step 2 supercharger. The R2300 has the capability to press the GT up to 550 horsepower v 500ft/lbs of speak without any kind of other modifications. ROUSH"s R2300"s deserve to handle up to 650 horsepower and is intended for road racing, drag racing and also other excessive driving. Obtaining to the 650 mark will call for you to invest in a new short block and also uprated engine internals that deserve to handle that much power.

2006 Mustang Specs:

2006 Mustang Engine speech & Torque:

4.0L V6 = 210 hp
5250 RPM & 240 lb-ft
3500 RPM 4.6L SOHC V-8 = 300 hp
5750 RPM & 320 lb-ft

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4500 RPM

2006 Mustang Exterior Colors:

Black Vista Blue Windveil Blue performance White Legend Lime Redfire Torch Red Satin silver- Screaming Yellow Tungsten Gray

2006 Mustang sleeve Prices:

Standard Coupe $19,910Standard Convertible $24,735GT Coupe $25,835GT Convertible $30,660

2006 Mustang VIN Decoder:

N 4.0L SOHC V6 210hp H 4.6L SOHC V8 300hp T80 Coupe T82 Coupe GT T84 Convertible T85 Convertible GT 6 examine Digit (varies) 6 Year (6 - 2006) 5 plant (5 - AAI: flat Rock, Michigan) 000001 consecutive Unit Number 1ZV Automitive Allance international Ford engine Co. Passenger car F Restraint mechanism (F-Driver/Passenger wait Bags) H Restraint system (H-Front and also Side waiting Bags)