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If you have actually come across this page while searching door dashboard removal for her F150, you re welcome take a minute to inspect out the Jimmi" Jammer® for your truck. If you are going to be inside your door, currently is the time to download this basic yet effective security product.

This indict will display you how to install a Jimmi" Jammer® top top the adhering to vehicles:

Full size Ford F-150 based truck, 2004 - 14, including Raptor models. Drivers front door is shown, passenger side and rear doors room similar. Note: This Jimmi" Jammer® accuse does no cover 2015 and newer F150.

Jimmi" Jammer® part Numbers: (Each kit comes v 2 plates uneven otherwise noted.) Get PN 113400 if you have actually keyless entry, and no lock top top the passenger door handle. get PN 113450 if you do not have keyless entry, and have a lock cylinder on each front door handle. Get PN 113451 if you do not have keyless entry, and have a lock cylinder only on the motorists side door handle. (No lock on happen door handle.)Note: Each door should be defended by a bowl whether there is a lock ~ above the take care of or not. Over there are other rods inside the door that deserve to be accessed if no key is current to safeguard them.

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Get PN 113470 for your rear doors top top a 4 door truck. Gain PN 113475 for your tailgate handle. (Yes, the thieves prefer to strike these too, either to steal the tailgate or to go into the ago if you have actually a covering on the van bed.) see product details because that the tailgate handle Jimmi" Jammer® below or see and installation tutorial because that the tailgate handle Jimmi" Jammer® HERE.

We now additionally offer a Hood Latch Jimmi" Jammer®. That is feasible to go through the grill and release the hood through a screwdriver. When this is done, alarms can quickly be disabled, batteries steal etc. Our Hood Latch Jimmi" Jammer® will certainly deny accessibility via the hood. See PN 5471.

Time Required: First door up to 45 min, second door about 25 min, relying on your experience.

Tools Required:

Metric socket collection with extension Long nose pliers Standard and also phillips screwdrivers

Installation Procedure: (Special thanks to Marcos in Chandler, AZ for use of his truck because that this tutorial!)

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This tutorial to be done ~ above a 2005 Ford F150. Some style changes to be made the make door dashboard removal much easier for 2009-14 trucks. Right here is a good video that will present the procedure on 2009-2014 F150 trucks. As soon as you have the dashboard off, refer ago to this tutorial to finish installing the Jimmi" Jammer®.

Every initiative is made to accurately portray the surroundings process. However, sometimes the vehicle manufacturer makes transforms that influence the measures in door dashboard removal or installing our product. Usage this tutorial as a overview only. If you room not specific of your ability, to express installation to a professional.

Jimmi" Jammer® installation process Photo 1

The very first photo shows a motorists side door that has actually the keyless entrance pad. This indict is because that trucks with or there is no the keyless entry option. This is the vehicle drivers side or left handle. Trucks without the keyless entry will use this very same tutorial.

Work carefully and also take notes or make sketches to aid you put the door ago together properly.

Note: We currently recommend remove the lock cylinder indigenous the take care of completely. This is the only means to stop thieves native forcing something into the lock body and bending every the tabs inside the lock to get entry. Making use of the PunchPlug™ through the Jimmi" Jammer® will help prevent the most well-known methods of entrance on your truck! Details


Photo 2

Remove the two screws holding the within door manage shroud in place.

On some models, there may be a small plastic cover behind the door handle pull lever. Look for a seam in the plastic. Generally, these snap out but be careful. Usage a tiny flat blade driver to pry the little cover the end of the handle recess. See small photo below.



Photo 3

Remove the speak grill. It should be hosted in with several snap clips. Pull straight out closely to eliminate the grill.

Look for a door panel holding screw in the upper left area behind the grill.


Photo 4a and 4b (This step not essential on 2009 and newer trucks) see a video clip for 2009 - 14 trucks here.

Remove the four screws stop the speaker in place. Pull out the speaker and also disconnect the wires.

Behind the speaker are four expansions that the screws go into. The bottom two will must be gotten rid of to acquire the door panel past them as you lift the panel off later. Very closely pry the bottom two expansions out. These are fairly brittle, so job-related carefully. Photo 4b mirrors use the a curve nosed pliers to pull the spacer off.

There is likewise a door dashboard holding screw behind the speaker. Remove it now.

Now is likewise a good time to remove the two screws follow me the bottom edge of the door panel. (Not shown.)



Photo 5

carefully pry the switch dashboard up. That is hosted in place with number of snap clips. Work about the sides gently prying upward till the panel come off.

This is a an excellent time to roll the window down, prior to disconnecting the switch pad. This helps when removing the door panel.

(Later, after removing the door panel, girlfriend will must reconnect the switches to role the window back increase in order to gain access to the backside of the external door handle.)


Photo 6

Another door panel holding screw is hidden inside the cavity. Remove it now. Disconnect the move pad if not already done.

You are now ready come lift the panel turn off the door. Slide the panel upward till it is loose from the door. (Not shown.)

Next, disconnect the cable come the inside door handle. Note just how it is attached for this reason you can put it back on effectively later. (Not shown.)


Photo 7

With the door panel off the door, reconnect the window switch to role the home window back increase if the was placed down earlier. You have the right to leave the switches associated since the home window may have to come down to placed the door panel back on.

Next, very closely peel earlier the plastic splash guard enough so you have the right to reach into the door cavity through the large opening shown. Begin in one spot and peel earlier slowly, make the efforts to leaving the adhesive ~ above the door.


Photo 8

Photo 8 shows the backside that the vehicle drivers door handle from inside the door.

The yellow circle surrounding the finish of the lock pawl. The end of the lock pole is likewise inside the circle. Eliminate the lock rod native the lock pawl in ~ this end.

A trick to remove the rod native the pawl is to use a stubby screwdriver through a pillar diameter a tiny larger than the lock stick diameter. Push the tower of the screwdriver into the open finish of the lock pawl till it touches the lock rod. Wrap her finger approximately the lock rod and pull the rod towards the open end of the lock pawl. This will release the rod native the pawl.

Note: We now recommend removing the lock cylinder indigenous the manage completely. This is the only way to protect against thieves from forcing something right into the lock body and also bending all the tabs within the lock to obtain entry. Making use of the PunchPlug™ v the Jimmi" Jammer® will help prevent the most famous methods of entry on her truck! Details


Photo 9

Inside the door, remove the seed on the lower handle stud top top the opposite end of the manage from the lock cylinder, presented here close to the center of photograph 9.


Photo 10

Photo 10 reflects the lock pawl v the lock rod disconnected from it. Usage the key in the lock to revolve the lock pawl so the open finish points downward together shown.

This will aid ease placement of the plate.


Photo 11

The plate should have a screw in the finish near the huge hole. Leave the screw in the plate if the plate is set up as the is challenging to placed it in later.

Put the key in location by an initial guiding the lock pawl with the big hole in the plate. You may need to relocate the lock pawl v the an essential to acquire the bowl on properly. As soon as the plate is in ar over the lock assembly, totter the other end up and over the mounting stud.

Photo 11 shows the plate in place, v the mounting slot end the mounting stud. The lock pawl is v the plate in ~ the far end.

Photo 11a shows exactly how the plate fits ~ above the back of the lock when properly seated.

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You deserve to now put the nut earlier on the handle mounting stud.



Photo 12

The arrow in photo 12 points to the door jamb set screw. V the plate and handle mounting nut currently tightened in place, screw the set screw in till it makes good contact with the door jamb metal. Stop brief of the screw reminder piercing the door jamb metal, however if it does, just paper the suggest off native the exterior door jamb.

Recheck the the lock pawl moves openly past the screw head and doesn"t have any type of interference with the plate. (Minor rubbing that the rod versus the bowl is not a problem, just put a dab that grease wherein the rod touch the bowl if needed.)

If rod appears to rub also much, the lock pawl deserve to be bending slightly away from the bowl to acquire a small room. Organize the lock pawl top top the lock v a tool or your finger before trying to bend the pawl so the clip doesn"t popular music off!


You are now ready to put the door ago together. Occupational in turning back order to placed things ago in place.: Make certain you don"t have any leftover parts

Test the function of your windows, locks and latch before doing the various other door.

Now you have the right to place the window warning brand in the lower corner of the window. Clean and also dry the home window before placing the sticker on. Place carefully due to the fact that the adhesive top top the stickers is very strong.