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Hi all. I need to pick your brains because that a minute. My cigarette lighter is no working. I require to have the ability to plug a blinking light into it. Ns bought a manual and also it is no help. Can y'all help me uncover the fuse?

Have a good day!


Cosmic Charlie

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Not sure where it may be however there must be a snapshot of the fuses within the fuse dashboard cover and one of them should be provided as "CIG" or other of that nature.

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2016 Silverado cig plug fuse location?


Hi, last night i was to run an inverter from the cig plugin the truck. After a few hours I lost power to the cig outlet. I'm trying to find the fuse. So far I have actually checked the fuses in the two compartments at the left right ends that the dash and I have actually not found any blown. I additionally checked the fuse block under hood ~ above driver side and also I don't see any blown. Due to the fact that I'm not sure which fuse in this blocks is for the dash cig plug I figure I much better start by questioning which fuse have to I be looking at?




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txab 1,753

Posted February 25, 2016


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Posted February 25, 2016

Doesn't her manual display fuse locations?

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tvnews 0

Posted February 26, 2016


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Posted February 26, 2016



I had checked every the fuses in the 3 blocks, only after checking fuse 12 in the left dashboard which need to be cig plug. Lock all checked good. Ns went ago and confirm a little bit more. I'm using an after market 3 outlet box that plugs into the truck cig jack. Turns out the inverter popped the fuse in this outlet box.



Thanks for the help,


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