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* ya obtain the carpets wet or is AC stinking?
My neighbor has actually an 08 Taco, he was trying to show me exactly how to readjust the filter in mine 04 Tundra, I maintained telling him i didn"t have actually one.He practically ripped my glove box off attempting to look for it. Once he yanked it down he looked in ~ me and said "You don"t have actually one"Duh! That"s what I had actually been informing him.
If castle don"t have actually one climate why also after a recharge is mine air quiet sucky and also please don"t to speak blower motor :-
2000 Tundra 2wd 4.7L5% tint all aroundViper 5901 2-way with Remote StartBILSTEIN 5100"s all roughly with prior on second notchTRUE double MAGNAFLOW exhaust v X pipe and also turndown over rear axleDenso HID ballast.Philips 4,300k d2r HID bulbH4 come D2R Adapter20 inch Toyota TSS wheels with 265/50r20 Toyo Tires​
Nope, there is no room for it.Unless who made a custom enclosure or retrofitted one more box in there.
the blower motor is functioning properly, climate the evaporator fins might be clogged through debris (hair, dirt, leaves, ect..) This would cause all the problems you described. If you eliminate the glove box and find the BLOWER RESISTOR and also remove the (2 phyllips screws), friend should have the ability to look inside the evaporator box and also see what the looks like in there.Make sure the ducting behind the gloves box is additionally properly in place.Here is a 2000 sienna evap main point we are changing.

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Yo guys so yeah ns née below and also own my very an initial yota and it happens to it is in the 04 limited sr5 trd tundra every the goods were bought through it for this reason it’s quite to drive a car that I deserve to enjoy for a readjust but I have actually replaced a evap top top a brand new sienna heat 9 month old and that was totally blocked v pine needles native a computer mouse nesting on it and also it will absolutely restrict airflow as well as cause you to gain warmer air from ac as well because of the head press rising abnormally high as result of blockage so certainly get a vacuum there through a skinny water tap if u need to to obtain right under there and be cautious of the fins no to bending them this too will mimic the same symptoms as leaves and also such
And i m really sorry if ns hopped top top an old dead thread my poor anyhow glad u all are letting me join and also I hope to do a sweet one of a type trail beast by discovering all the dos and also Sony’s indigenous y’all
2004 Tundra V8 minimal Access Cab 4X4, HANKOOK DynoPro,ATM P265/70R17 113T, Auto Dim Comp/Temp Mirror, Aero generator #2525 muffler, accessibility Roll increase Cover, Optima D31A battery, Eclipse AVN5510> If a combo of all these whizz bangs met their cases you"d need to siphon gas the end of your tank every second day and sell the excess speech on the third???? If your engine doesn"t consume any oil it will seize???
I have 2003 sequoia. Freshly took the end glovebox and the cover above it. Saw this ... Look like a filter come me however don"t know just how to take it out. is an elevation Toyota enthusiast website owned and also operated by VerticalScope Inc. Contents on is produced by the users. is no in any means affiliated through Toyota engine Corporation