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Hey all, ns bought mine 2005 through out a spare tire. Is over there a spot that I can mount one underneath? Thanks, Brett
if you look inside on the passenger side 2nd row there have to be a ar to lower the cable (under the carpet). I am not sure if you can fit a regular size tire underneath or just the initial size spare.
Unfortunately AWD versions execute NOT have actually a clues underneath because that a spare tire. The drive obelisk impinges ~ above the room where that would have actually been. This is why AWD vans come through run-flat tires as typical equipment. So you either discover to to trust the runflats together a way to get you safely come a tires shop, or buy a spare and also carry it elsewhere on the van. There are many threads ~ above this topic.
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Here"s some parts obtainable to mount the preventive behind the driver side third row seat. There offered to be a quite cover available/or the was easily accessible as a package. (I never acquired one as I use runflats and wanted to have the ability to fold the seats down when necessary readily.) additionally have the steel rim easily accessible there in the former suspension section.
if girlfriend look within on the passenger side 2nd row there need to be a location to lower the cable (under the carpet). Ns am not certain if you deserve to fit a consistent size tire underneath or simply the original size spare.
The attached images present the temp preventive in the fine behind the third row, v the small side up and folded down.

Got rid the the runflats long time earlier and never going back, due to the fact that then I carry one the the Winter tires behind the left third row during Summer and one the the all-season during Winter.
Had an it s okay time through the Bridgestone OE tires, but switched to the Dunlops due to the fact that they have far better Temperature rating. I had actually two have sudden ns of pressure. I have actually replaced the 2nd sudden tire failure through a Pirelli RunFlat and also will be switching to them, even far better specs...

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Seems favor this must be a an excellent thread come ask this question...I"m considering to buy a 2007-2010 Sienna LE AWD and also I setup to replace the run-flat tires through bigger all-terrain tires for off-roading. I would prefer to have the ability to fit a full size spare tires in the tribe (the fine area behind the 3rd row seats). I recognize there"s no chance of law that with the factory trunk, yet my inquiry is do you think it would certainly be possible to change the trunk to fit a complete size spare? I"m thinking of cutting out several of the paper metal and also reattaching a modified piece of sheet steel to permit for a full size spare. Referring to the attached picture (copied native #6 above) would certainly I be far better off widening the tribe in area "A" or "B" or both?I would bolt, together opposed to weld, the modification piece(s) that sheet metal to the trunk to ensure that i don"t hinder any type of future maintenance.