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I saw Autozone and also bought an inline fuel filter because that my Kia... And spent the next half hour under the automobile searching for wherein it goes! follow to KiaTechInfo, it"s under the car, right in former of the gas tank. Follow to a Google search, it need to be ideal in former of the gas tank ~ above the driver"s side. I adhered to the line from front-to-back and found nothing. I finished up return the fuel filter. I recognize there is a small strainer within the fuel tank, attached to the fuel pump...but is this all this auto has?! I discover it tough to believe that over there wouldn"t it is in an inline filter somewhere under there.. My car was made March "05 by the way, if that helps.
I have an 06 and also did the very same thing, AutoZone has actually it back. I offered up, shed ball in high weeds. Ns keep acquiring the filter is in the tank, however why would certainly they placed a component that requirements to changed in together a bad spot. Sorry ns wasn"t lot help, simply wanted come let you recognize you"re no alone.
Yeah it was so frustrating! thank God someone replied to this thread at least. I have taken the end the fuel pump and also sprayed that small tea-bag spring filter v brake cleaner, yet that was about the extent of it. Nothing is wrong with the car, however I figured that it would have been a great idea to change it!
Koko, you were in the right location when you had the fuel pump assembly out. The filter is in the tank, but that little sock is just the pre-filter. As soon as you had actually the pump assembly out, do you remember seeing a created plastic shell, the component that everything else fastened to? That"s the filter. I"s kind of a pain come disassemble the unit to gain the filter out, however it seems you have actually the capacity to do repairs on your own. Gain the pump the end again, take her time, girlfriend shouldn"t have any kind of problem v it. Kia part number 31911-38204 (good until production day 9/2005, after that there is a different part number.)
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