The Chrysler Pacifica utilizes a crankshaft place sensor in stimulate to control the engine timing. This sensor uses a reluctor come gauge the place of the crank. When the Pacifica’s ECM determines that there is an issue with the signal coming from this sensor, it’ll litter the P0335 problem code.

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P0335 Symptoms: Chrysler Pacifica

Depending ~ above the design year and also engine of any vehicle the task of the crankshaft sensor is going to change.It’s one of two people going to provide info to the ECM to keep the vehicle from misfiring. Or, it’ll provide necessary data to keep the engine timing in order.

Depending on even if it is or not the engine timing is dependent on the crank sensor is going to determine whether the symptoms of P0335 are going come be:

car won’t start at all (timing dependent) rough running motor

Often, if the crankshaft sensor or wiring itself is bad, there won’t be any type of RPM reading kind the tachometer.

Pacifica P0335 Causes

Most of the time, the crankshaft sensor is walk to it is in the reason of P0335, or the wiring will certainly be at fault. There room other causes as well.There’s an ext on that directly below.

Bad Crank Sensor

The crankshaft sensor is regularly the factor that P0335 is thrown. Castle aren’t very expensive, however they deserve to be difficult to get to in stimulate to business them. If girlfriend think you’re as much as the challenge (and know exactly how to usage a volt meter) this guide from will present you exactly how to test the sensor.


Reluctor Ring

The crank sensor operates by scanning a “reluctor wheel”. This wheel can end up being damaged over time and will no longer offer a ideal reading to the ECM.

One of the most common symptoms that a poor reluctor ring is going to it is in a rattling sound. If the engine still runs, you will certainly hear it. This method that it has actually been damaged, and no longer seated properly.

If friend don’t hear a rattle, the ring can have broken or missing teeth. This will cause the car to not obtain a great reading from the crank sensor.

Wiring Issues

Due to the ar of the crankshaft position sensor, that is prone to damage. Begin by inspecting the wiring harness between the firewall and also crank sensor for any type of obvious damage. After the it would be prudent come look at the wiring exploit plug in ~ the sensor itself.

This YouTube video clip shows precisely how to test the wiring integrity.

Less likely Reasons

Most the the time, the reasons outlined over are going to be the problem. But, no always. Below are some problems that room (not fairly as) well-known to reason P0335 in the Pacifica

Timing Belt/Chain– that is feasible that a car that has jumped time is throwing the code. Here’s much more on diagnosing a negative timing chainfrom this site.

PCM/ECM– when the vehicle’s ECM go bad, it have the right to throw false trouble codes. This is certainly not the ar to start, however is worth looking at if nothing else appears to be wrong. Symptom of a poor ECM (Autoblog).

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Good luck identify what is resulting in P0335 in her Pacifica. If girlfriend feel like there is anything girlfriend would favor to add, please leave a comment below.