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I have a 2005 Silverado 1500 that has the battery light on all the time the truck is running. I bought the truck this way. I have checked the alternator out put and also it is charging around 16 volts. It has a brand-new battery a year back and it started prior to the battery was installed. I have actually not had any type of problem with the truck not starting. I"m an devices mechanic by trade yet don"t have actually much endure on these. Any suggestions. Many thanks in advance.


16 volts is a small on the high side. If I"m no mistaken, the battery light will certainly come top top for any charging device issue, whether its low voltage or high voltage.I could be tempted to change the alternator and see if the voltage drops come a more normal charging voltage which is almost everywhere from 12.8-14.815 volts on occasion isn"t dreadful unusual, but 16 volts is certainly too high.

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I have actually tested the alternator and also with all choices on the alternator is only putting the end 14.5 volts on quick idle. This is normal. Yet the battery light stays on.
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