I have a Chevy Malibu "05 4 cly 2.2l that cranks however does no start. I currently put starting fluid in the intake and also it started up and died genuine quick, which tells me there is spark however no fuel. Go anyone recognize what"s walk on?

I also adjusted out the run/crank relay and it started and stalled again. I will be checking fuel push tomorrow.

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First point I would carry out is examine the fuel push it need to be in between 50 - 60 psi. Uneven you have a scan tool to command the fuel pump on then this must be excellent while cranking the engine. The computer regulates the fuel pump on because that 2 seconds once you revolve on the key, and also turns the off uneven it watch a ignition reference pulses.

Another thing you deserve to do is take off the fuel cap and also put friend ear near the opening have someone rotate on the ignition when you room listening and also you should hear the fuel pump come on for the 2 seconds, make certain the an essential is turn off for at least 30 seconds before transforming it on. If you don"t listen it which at all then you have to make sure it"s getting power and ground. Talk about this answer ~ you have actually tried that and I can offer you an ext info.


my sisters malibu maxx had multiple fuel pump problems, transforms out the wiring at the tank had an intermittent short


It was the fuel pump .

I think it was detective already....cause had just readjusted it out 2 months ago..

So make certain you gain warranty ~ above your components you purchase...


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