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blew my tobacco lighte fuse while putting in mine leds i check out in one more post it is fuse 20 but to conserve me part trouble walk anyone kno to be it is located? trunk, engine bay, facility console? pleasee helpp ns cant usseeee my phone chargerrr hahah thanks fellas

The fuse is located in the stems fuse dashboard on the left side. The is a 20 amp fuse in location #20 marked CIG/AUX on the cover.
Mods: PTM bow ties, grill, washer nozzles, and fog light trim-20% color -MTX600XD, 2 12" Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1, 4 gauge stinger wire, Pioneer 7800MP CD player-5000K HID headlights and also 3000K fog lights-White LED"s in the switches and also handles-Blacklight overhead console LED"s -Painted and also polished manufacturing facility aluminum wheel ​
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