I have actually been told that the regulator is situated near the fuel rail in the engine compartment. I have also been told that it is a replaceable component of the fuel pump in the fuel tank. I have purchased a regulator however cannot uncover the present regulator close to the fuel rail. I have pulled the pump out and also do not check out it there either. Have the right to you you re welcome tell where the fuel push regulator is located?Thank you, Walter Declerck

that is in the tank and pump will need to come apart to fix it. Pump deserve to be accessed by behind seat removal and accessibility plate. Over there is just one fuel pump and regulator. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything else to gain the trouble fixed.



from Wdeclerck.

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Thank you because that the quick response.The regulator on the illustration does not look prefer I was sold by Autozone.Can you obtain me a bigger snapshot of the regulator?Thanks, Walter

The one that you have actually may look prefer the one in first picture. However, whatever I have actually seen the regulator is in the pump assembly even I have contained a photo of that as well which mirrors it better. Over there is a TSB if your car is cranking more than three secs to start. The TSB number is NTB05-052c. The component numbers are 17342-01a00 and also 22670-zg80c. This is because that QR25 or QG18 engines only. The is really probable the the autoparts sold you the wrong or a newer architecture part. Inspect with dealer together this might still be done under warranty. However, I kind of doubt it. View pictures.
I have actually a 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8s and I would favor to know exactly how to change the fuel pump pressure regulator, the auto takes about 10 seconds to start and sometimes the take two tries prior to it will certainly start, especially after it sit awhile or if the is hot outside. Thanks Ronnie
there is no fuel pressure regulator ~ above this vehicle only the fuel pump which is the regulator together well. I would replace the pump it has a trap door via a service hole under the behind seats. The diagram shows an exploded view of the pump and also how to eliminate the clips holding the business hole cover.Check the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand what happens.Cheers
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