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The Survival estimate represents an mean of one or more experts" opinions as to how numerous examples make it through of a specific coin in three categories: 1) all grades, 2) 60 or better, and 3) 65 or better. These approximates are based on a range of sources, including population reports, auction appearances, and an individual knowledge. Survive estimates encompass coins that room raw, certified through, and also certified by various other grading services.

Numismatic Rarity switch the Survival estimate for a details coin right into a number from 1 to 10 (with decimal increments) based upon the Rarity Scale. The greater the number, the more rare the coin.

Relative Rarity By kind ranks the rarity the this coin with all various other coins the this Type. Reduced numbers suggest rarer coins.

Relative Rarity By collection ranks the rarity the this coin v all various other coins that this Series. Lower numbers show rarer coins.

All Grades 275,904,000 R-1.0 1 / 4 TIE 1 / 4 TIE 60 or Better 248,313,600 R-1.0 1 / 4 TIE 1 / 4 TIE 65 or Better 198,650,880 R-1.0 1 / 4 TIE 1 / 4 TIE
Survival calculation
All Grades 275,904,000
60 or Better 248,313,600
65 or Better 198,650,880
Numismatic Rarity
All Grades R-1.0
60 or Better R-1.0
65 or Better R-1.0
loved one Rarity By form every Specs in this type
All Grades 1 / 4 TIE
60 or Better 1 / 4 TIE
65 or Better 1 / 4 TIE
relative Rarity By collection all Specs in this collection
All Grades 1 / 4 TIE
60 or Better 1 / 4 TIE
65 or Better 1 / 4 TIE

Jaime Hernandez:

In 2004 the Mint presented two new reverse designs the evoked the historic expedition into the Louisiana Territory. The an initial was the peace Medal design and also the 2nd and final style was the 2004 Keelboat design.

The 2004-D Keelboat Nickel is abundant in uncirculated qualities of MS60 - MS65. In qualities of MS66 it becomes somewhat scarce yet yet still easily obtainable. In MS67 grade it is somewhat scarce with maybe several thousand examples in existence yet most raw examples will more than likely never be uncovered or preserved due to its huge mintage. In MS68 grade, it is practically unobtainable with about 30 examples known v none being higher.

The 2004-D Keelboat Nickel is a little bit tougher to find in MS68 qualities than the 2004-P.

Obverse: The obverse illustrates the exact same Thomas Jefferson motif offered from 1938 come date.

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Reverse: The turning back features and also angled side view of the keelboat with complete sail the transported members of the expedition and their supplies, with the rivers the the Louisiana territory searching for a northwest i to the Pacific Ocean. The 55 foot keelboat might be sailed, rowed pooled prefer a raft or towed indigenous the riverbank.