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I would favor to get in-depth instructions on instead of the fuel filter on one 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7L V6. I have actually tried yet couldn"t find any information details to my version on this issue.Thanks.
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REPLACEMENT 1. Lift increase the vehicle. 2. Reduce the inner pressure that the fuel lines and hoses and make the following operations.A. Disconnect the fuel pump harness connector at the fuel tank rear side. B. Start the engine and also after the stops, rotate the ignition move to OFF. C. Disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal. D. Affix the fuel pump exploit connector. 3. Eliminate the 2 fitting nuts while holding the fuel filter nuts securely. 4. Remove the fuel filter mounting bolts, and also then remove the fuel filter from the fuel filter clamp.Tightenging torqueFuel filter installation nut:30 ~ 40 Nm (300 ~ 400 kg·cm, 22.1 ~ 29.5 lb·ft)

Thanks for the response, yet that is no the procedure for my make of vehicle.This fuel filter is situated inside the fuel tank and also can be accessed by removed the left behind seat and cutting the carpet come gain accessibility to the gas tank access panel, etc. The filter is part of the fuel pump assembly._________________________2004 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 2.7L Engine
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That is the procedure detailed in because that a 2004 Santa Fe. Have you make the efforts looking?QUOTE (2004 Santa Fe 2.7L owner
This fuel filter is situated inside the fuel tank and also can it is in accessed by removing the left behind seat and also cutting the carpet to gain
If you need to adjust that filter then probably your concern should have actually been much more specific. Looks choose you have actually the procedure so an excellent luck through that.

is it feasible or nesscessary(sp) to adjust a fuel filter top top a 2006 2.7 santa fe? ns heard its within the tank??

Yes, it"s no the very first time I"ve viewed this. Hmaservice appears to autumn the round on the Santa Fe and the XG indigenous this period.Here"s the DIY for Elantra native the period. That will give you an idea of just how to carry out it and also what it should look like.
Thanks because that the procedure. That"s what points look like. I have actually printed points out to monitor along, just in case. I have tried looking in ~ Hmaservice and also couldn"t believe the procedure is not listed on there, thus the reason I come on here.Thanks again.
There is, and it describes how to change the filter, yet it"s wrong, together stipulated in the thread. The Elantra DIY should provide you a great idea the what is affiliated to readjust your filter inside the tank.

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ahh I see hmm and the fuel filter is inside the fuel tank also on a elantra.. Weird. Therefore I assumed they would need to completly remove the fuel tank and empty the gas and also open increase the tank. From what I witnessed its looks alittle simpler then i thought.. What is a price of a brand-new fuel filter(canadian dollars). I tried come ask mine dealership and the had no reservation if the fuel filter was inside the tank or not. And apparently come them you never ever have to readjust it cuz the "inside the fuel tank". So i am not so sure I think them.. Inside or the end the fuel gotta rum with it and also it will wear the end eventually.
Owners hand-operated says change it at 52.5K miles. You deserve to order the from eBay:
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