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Greetings, I"m thinking of instead of my fuel filter and also I have no idea where it is located. I looked top top the HMRA site and also they don"t specify where it is. It states in the owner"s manual to change it after around 4 years or 100 000 kms. The 2 aftermarket dealers wherein I tried come buy one, didn"t also list one. Is that a dealer item?Should I even worry about replacing it?Any comment welcome!PS: walk anybody know where i can get a organization Manual (Clymer, Haynes etc.) for my 2004 Elantra? Nobody right here in Canada dead it.Thanks
The fuel filter is situated in the tank and you need to take the behind seat bottom out to accessibility it. There are instructions ~ above the network for step by step procedures.

If this attach doesn"t work, email me with the attend to in mine profile v your email deal with and I"ll send it to you.
Thank You because that the link, Doohickie. This instructions space awesome. In reality I bookmarked the totality website, it appears to be an extremely informative.Thanks again for your aid :liebe011:

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