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Can anyone assist me and also my dad have actually been tryin to discover my fuel filter to change it but we cant discover it!!! does anyone have a chart or pic or soemthing to help us uncover please someone help weve to be lookin for it under the car almost a month now i guess u deserve to say to be dumb and also blind hehe

I can"t say for sure were the filter is, but I would certainly be surprised if it was in the tank. Fuel filters are meant to be adjusted and i can"t see GM placing it in such a PITA location like inside the tank.I would suggest to simply trace the fuel line from the engine back. There will certainly be 2 lines and the filter will certainly be top top the "fatter" line.
Oh not be so sure of the all 04& 05 c&k models have a "life time filter" it the tank! and also there are more models come come! as for the cav. Your filter is under the car right to buy the evap canister look up high close to the body , you may need a flashlight as it is hard to see , (between the tank & canister )up high!
:drive: ns LOVEThe new trailblazer SS!!! 5.7 sec. In an s.u.v. Many thanks G.M.

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Oh not be so certain of that all 04& 05 c&k models have a "life time filter" it the tank! and there are more models come come!
Yea Chrysler has actually been doing that for year , yet that dont make it ideal ! , ns guess what they might be thinking is the fuel pumps go poor perty continuous so why not placed the filter on the pump?
:drive: ns LOVEThe new trailblazer SS!!! 5.7 sec. In one s.u.v. Thanks G.M.
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