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Does your air conditioning job-related intermittently? I had actually this issue in a Toyota Corolla. This is the procedure ns took to resolve the problem.

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How to fix Intermittent Air-Conditioning

The air conditioning in the Corolla started to it is in intermittent. One day it just stopped functioning altogether. The ac compressor would not engage. Ns recharge the device with fresh r134a, yet it still would certainly not come on. I chose to examine the compressor relay, by swapping the relay in between the ac compressor and the horn, since they are very similar.

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How to solve an AC Compressor Relay:

Open the hood.Locate the fuse box, the is close to the battery, and push the tabs on the sides to open it.Then discover the horn relay.Pull both of castle out and also swap them.Test the AC. If it currently works (and the horn doesn’t), then order a new relay.

what you’ll need:

For troubleshooting purposes, you can just swap in a different relay to check out if that fixes the problem. If the does, then go ahead and also purchase a new relay.

The first step is to pop the hood and locate the fuse box. In the Corolla, this is situated on the best side of the engine bay. Together you challenge the auto from the front.

Remove the fuse box cover.

Locate the AC relay and the horn relay (pointed to in the following image). Originally the horn relay to be black, and the AC relay was white. This photo was taken after the 2 were swapped.


Swap the 2 relays. For me, the AC then operated perfectly! And the horn no longer worked. Therefore this confirmed to me that the relay was the problem.

I bespeak a new relay (part# 35874) indigenous Amazon for less than $20. It functioned perfectly and also fixed my problem. The new relay was put in and also the horn one relocated back. AC and also horn are currently both working.

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AC Relay (Part#35874)



It has been end 3-years since I first performed this fix, and also the instead of relay is still working flawlessly!

If her AC is intermittent, and also then stops altogether, another cause can be a leak in the AC system. I wrote an additional article the details how to resolve this worry using UV dye in a Honda Accord.