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My wife"s car is pulling a P0456 password on she 2002 Eclipse 2.4L 4 cylinder. Ns already adjusted the gas cap however that did not solve it. Any kind of thoughts? reasoning it can be the purge solenoid. Does anyone recognize what that is situated on this car??

This attach might help this one Manual and wiring diagram in english

could it is in a bunch of various things...A small leak in any kind of of the EVAP hoses or fuel tank hosesA tiny leak in the purge valve or vent valveThe EVAP Canister may be leakingmay must use a smoke device to perform a complete diagnosis.... Im assuming chicago does automobile inspections?
Yeah IL go emission check every two years. I"m no looking to put a the majority of time and also money into it as I"m simply looking to offer it. Simply would like to sell it there is no the light on. I had the very same thing happen on my truck and I adjusted the purge solenoid and also that solved it i m sorry is why i think it could be the very same thing. Simply can"t find where the is in ~ on this car.

The evap canister is in ~ the behind if the vehicle . The is attached to the rear of the fuel tank . Slightly above and before the behind suspension subframe . The purge vent is over there . The the purge solenoid is at the former , and also on a parentheses on the intake manifold.
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