The bright yellow maintenance compelled light isn’t a negative sign, in fact it’s a nice reminder come take her Honda Odyssey in because that some regularly scheduled maintenance. The MAINT REQD light in her Honda can be a nice method for you to remember to readjust fluids, filter and rotate her tires, but if you space doing this job-related yourself, you will want to know how to rotate this light off.Learning how come reset your Honda Odyssey maintenance light is easy and also straightforward, and also today we’ll it is in walking you with all the various ways you revolve off this service light. Because this light is a reminder to business your vehicle only, nothing about how her engine operation or vehicle drives is different with the maintenance light on.

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So before you begin our how come reset her Honda Odyssey maintenance Light article, make certain to follow her Honda’s reserved maintenance. This will certainly ensure that your 3.5 liter Honda Odyssey will proceed to serve you in the best running problem possible. Likewise regular maintain can assist prevent breakdowns, by replacing and restoring old or worn items or filters.

This is what our how come reset your Honda Odyssey maintenance Light DIY overview is for. While the images over show a 2nd generation Odyssey 1999-2004, the technique in which come reset your maintenance light go not differ much across the years.For an initial Generation Honda Odyssey – 1994-1999

From 1994-1999 the Honda Odyssey has a an easy red square in the middle of your instrument cluster to screen maintenance reminders. Once this square transforms red, it’s time for you to take your automobile in or perform the consistently scheduled maintenance that Honda phone call for.When you have completed this work, it’s time to reset your an initial generation Honda Odyssey maintenance forced light.

This is done by merely removing her ignition key, and also inserting it into the slot directly beside your red maintain reminder. The slot and also instrument dashboard is shown below, make sure to totally insert your crucial and depress till the red crate is cleared.


Once you have actually cleared her Honda Odyssey maintenance compelled light making use of our how to reset your Honda Odyssey maintenance Light guide, girlfriend are prepared to struggle the road. Yet what about second generation Honda Odyssey owners??

For Second Generation Honda Odyssey – 1999-2004

The second generation the Odyssey observed the very first of what would become Honda’s automatic transmission problems. Anyone that owns this year variety of 3.0, 3.2 or 3.5 liter J series engines, will endure from some sort of transmission problem, if equipped v an automatic. This is an additional reason to know how to reset her Honda Odyssey maintenance Light, so the you have the right to make sure your Odyssey infection runs in tip peak shape.

For the year ranges between 1999-2004, your Honda Odyssey will have a MAINT REQD amber light, which deserve to light up next to your OBDII DTC examine Engine light or MIL.

To reset this Honda Odyssey maintain light, you have to simply locate your ODO / TRIP button which is shown below.


Depress this button and also hold the down, when inserting your crucial and transforming to the ~ above position. Store this switch depressed until your MAINT REQD light starts to flash and disappear. Let go of the ODOMETER button to finish resetting your maintenance required light.

For Third Generation Honda Odyssey – 2005-2010

The third generation the Odyssey witnessed a organize of changes that were aimed at enhancing reliability. When most alters buzzed around the infection and shift solenoid problems that plagued the ahead generation, Honda additionally improved on how to reset the 3rd generation Honda Odyssey. Starting from 2005, the Odyssey come equipped with Honda’s HUD, which gave you engine vitals and also information through your instrument panel.


There’s a mode select button that’s straight beside this readout, depress this button until the MAINTENANCE section of your Honda Odyssey readout comes on screen. V the screen at MAINTENANCE, depress the button again and hold. If done right, the numbers inside the instrument cluster must flash, resetting your maintenance required light.

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After just a couple of moments, her indicator numbers have to flash, meaning you’ve reset this irradiate in her Honda Odyssey.

You now know how come reset her Honda Odyssey maintenance Light, if friend have any kind of questions or comments concerning our DIY Guide, leave them for us below!