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Pretty certain I need a brand-new PCV valve. Whereby is it? Under the header on prior of engine correct? What is the tube going from valve sheathe by coil load to airbox? Mine is wet with oil through airbox and also I additionally have oil coming under my bellhousing. Deserve to I simply put a breather filter top top valve cover?Any and all details is appreciated.Thanks-Nick

I"ll start you off v the answer come your an initial question. Yet the PCV valve is under the header at the front of the engine on the ideal side the the oil separator. It"s basic to replace as it"s just a push fit. Together for your oil trouble are you sure it"s "oil" together in engine oil or could it be some various other fluid? I"ve got a really slight leak from the driver side axle seal and it leaves transmission liquid on my bell housing.
2002 black color SVT Focus. Develop #3742. Mods: Polyurethane Bushings and also Sway-Bar Links, CFM STS, ITG Drop-In, porting Throttle Body, FSWerks 93 Octane Tune.
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