The blower motor fan in mine 1992 dodge Dakota LE 3.9L does not work. The resister to be replaced, that did not execute it. It was then traced come high resistance in ~ the ignition switch, the ingition move replace and also pigtail in ~ ignition switch fixed. It currently does not work again. Quite than resolving it the same way, can I bypass the ignition swith and also go straight to the fuse to the pan blower motor switch OR have the right to I cable the fan straight to the battery v a fuse and also on/off switch, offering only one speed, separate from the regular fan switch? say thanks to you, Kevin

Hello, here is a overview to assist test the blower nad power through grounds in ~ the blower v diagrams the the blower place below. Https:// the end the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you require anything rather to gain the problem fixed.



The ac compressor would not disengage. I shut down the blower pan to off. Next day once needing a little heat, blower would not work and also still don"t and also neither does the compressor top top the ac. I changed the resistance block and also fuses, re set the computer and also still nothing.
If the resister has been replaced, you require to inspect to watch if over there is strength to the blower motor. Have actually you done that? have actually you checked fuses?
let me recognize what friend find. If there is power, it sounds like the engine is bad. Also, once you changed the resister, was it bad?
Okay. Usually when the electric motors go bad, they take the resister with them. Check for strength to the motor. It"s under the dash top top the passenger side. If there is no power, walk right back to the fuse the you replaced and see if over there is strength there.Let me understand what friend find. These room generally great trucks. I have actually owned 5 Dakotas over the years. One was a 92 prefer yours. I sold it with 265K miles on it still running.
I have actually a blower engine relay the is showing warm on both legs and a fuse the is no working could this it is in the resister, if so wherein is it located
The resister is situated under the hood on the passanger next of the firewall. Check the wiring harness plug. Plenty of times they will melt down and cause problems. Also, correctly this can reason the problem. Shot replacing it. THey room cheap.
i tested the 50 amp fuse socket found it good, retested the inside fuse block discovered it great as well. I need to have had a poor ground the first time. Not sure the best means to get to the wires on fan, there is no tearing personally the entire dash together I have read. I think my two possibilities are the switch or the fan motor, however not sure. I have also read around a blower relay however I don"t find any kind of labeled because of this if so whereby is it located and how deserve to I test it?
As much as the relay, i don"t think your truck has actually one for the purpose. To accessibility the blower engine isn"t as poor as friend think. You should remove the glove box, and a few other things, however the dash isn"t removed.
pulled the heater blower. Engine tests good. Over there is strength to motor yet no ground. No ground to resistance coil either. Can the problem be the manage switch? If therefore what is the best means to remove it together it has wires that carry out not unplug native the unit. I appreciate all your help.
remove the bolts, drop the down, unplug it, and put the new one in the reverse way. If you don"t know what you"re spring for, to buy the brand-new motor very first so you"ll know what that looks like. It stays on the bottom ideal side of the heater box. You"ll probably have to remove the plastic fan and transfer it come the brand-new motor. To express the metal band about the obelisk to remove it, then pry the pan off the motor shaft.Did friend diagnose the motor as being defective or space you guessing?Caradiodoc
it defiantly to be my ac/heater control switch. It has been replaced and my blower fan works again. Thanks again for your aid
Fan blower motor not working? We space a team the ASE certified mechanics that have developed this guide to help replace a burned out blower motor and test the electric system...

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