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I"ve got a P0341 code which points to camshaft place sensor. Anyone know where this is located and also are there more than one top top the 3.2 L?Thanks.-GT
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Is the the exact same as the crank position sensor?If so, the under the oil filter housing(under the car, driver side) and also the wire wraps around the back of the engine..My mechanic cut the wire and also ran a new one(that comes attached the thw brand-new sensor) due to the fact that the origional is such a b-och to pull out.
Nope, no the same. I"ve already readjusted my crankshaft place sensor a when ago. I believe I discovered the camshaft sensor right alongside the oil dipstick - I"m just not sure if there space multiple ones on the 3.2L. Once I watch it up on online catalogs there just seems to it is in one part# because that it. I guess I might buy and swap it through the one I"ve uncovered to watch if it fixes mine problem.-GT
Hey GT!I acquired the 0341 and also 0342 codes with, what symptoms space you having? I"m obtaining occasional stumbling.I"m wonder if the sensor itself is usually the trouble or if it"s generally something else favor a loose wire or dust in the housing.The sensor is situated right next to the oil dipstick and it"s really easily easily accessible with a wrench. A quick wire connect the sensor to the harness.

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Yes, I"ve done more research and that seems to it is in it. I"ve had it off already - very easy. It needs a female Torx socket, however I use a consistent socket and also it functioned fine (think it was 9mm). Regrettably GM here (Montreal) doesn"t have it in stock and said it would take 10 days and also $135+taxes ... Ouch! chose to buy the from gmpartsdirect ... To buy it and also the crank position sensor (just in case, and good to have actually a spare ... The was additionally sometimes throw the crank sensor password as well, yet I think the may just be the camshaft sensor confusing the - I changed the crank sensor around 35k mile ago, so it seems a bit soon to walk again) for around $87US complete inc. Shipping (via relative who will certainly re-ship come Canada for me).My symtoms are also stumbling and even stalling (even while driving ~ above the highway). That will commonly re-start best away, however sometimes has actually taken a minute or two. While the problem is happening I view P0341C vs. P0341H i m sorry remains also after the symptoms have gone. "C" method it is currently happening and "H" method it is historical, therefore I"m pretty certain the camshaft sensor need to be my problem.-GT