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I have the examine engine irradiate on and also when ns went for an oil change the mechanic claimed it to be knock sensors. I uncovered that the punch sensors are under the input manifold and an overwhelming to obtain to which do for an expensive job. Has actually anyone have to replace this sensors space they common to go out at 148,xxx?Thanks

We"d need to recognize the DTCs (the "codes") thrown v the check-engine light. There have been some who"ve had actually this issue, though.
I finally got the codes. P0330 punch Sensor 2 Circuit bank 2 So, I think that is telling me that the punch sensor is malfunctioning. I have actually some power issues, taking off from prevent light the valve is a bit sluggish. Ns am guessing that is as result of the knock sensor not functioning properly. I inspect the password yesterday and I also have P1155 Air/Fuel sensor Heater Circuit financial institution 2 Sensor 1. I think this is the O2 sensor the is before the catalytic converter increase front is poor as well. Any type of advice that you can give about replacing the knock sensors would be Great. When I have the entry manifold off ns was going to do the plugs together well. Is over there anything else I must replace if I have actually it every apart?ThanksBryan

Yup, looks favor it"s more than likely a poor knock sensor. Twin check the it"s plugged in tightly, and the wires look ok, first. Good idea to carry out the plugs, if you have things disassembled. Friend might consider replacing both A/F proportion sensors, because you"re acquiring a code. These sensors degrade on our Siennas, and so does the post-cat oxygen sensor. Mine threw codes around 5 years ago. They cost around $110 each. Beware that the A/F sensor near the firewall deserve to be seized in place, probably as result of the high heat in the area; usage a penetrating oil, generously.The IAC valve is in the ballpark, and if you"ve never ever cleaned it, you could search this site around that. (Easy come spray a cleaner in the hole).
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