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Just to buy a 2002 Camry because that my kid to drive to school. The vehicle has 275,000 highway mile on it The vehicle was well kept by the vault owner. I have heard that the timing chain need to last about 300,000 miles. However, the owner"s manual does not mention any replacement interval. Because the car mileage is approaching 300k, I"m wonder if the chain requirements to be replaced. The engine runs great. However, I execute hear a little bit of a rattle indigenous the timing chain pully area. I changed the valve cover gasket and inspected the chain yet didn"t notification anything unusual. I have mainly pushed import cars with timing belts and not certain if this rattling noise is typical for a Toyota with a chain or an early sign that needing replacement.

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There is no critical replacement term for her timing chain, many never gain replaced any kind of more, and also 275k on one 02 does show a most highway miles which might compare to a lot less miles under normal driving conditions.The serpentine belt tensioner have the right to make a rattling form noise together it starts to go out; I"d take another look/listen under there.
Thanks for the info. I actually put a lengthy screwdriver on several areas and put mine ear to the manage to listen for the noise. It is definitely coming from the timing equipment area up near the cams. I checked the belt tensioner but it seamed to be ok and did not sound choose the rattle is was hearing.

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Reading the "stripped head bolt worry thread" in this forum is certainly time worthy. Chain never must be changed, until they skip a tooth or break. In the ol" work of junk motor oil, common sludge, carburetors,..... I"ve changed plenty chains prior to 100k.As lengthy as you don"t race around, it"ll take many miles prior to failing. Save the timing chain replacement till you have actually the must start pulling the engine apart(head gasket, prior or behind oil seals, possibly the waterpump repair, oil pump push loss......).Until then, keep it, journey sanely, and also keep driving. If you bought a Nissan, I"d say adjust it now. Plenty of seem to have actually chain/tensioner issues. Through the 2azfe, the was maintained, I"d wait as lengthy as possible to make the investment.
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